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The Most Underrated Places In Los Angeles

Underrated places in Los Angeles are not hard to come by! Sure, everyone’s visited Disneyland, The Grove, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, but if you’re looking for hidden gems, this list is for you! Put these seven underrated places in Los Angeles at the top of your vacation list! Here are some authentic attractions in Los Angeles to catch all the vibes, art, and culture without all the tourists!

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

As touristy as this sounds, this tour is far different from an attraction like Universal Studios. The Warner Bros. Studio tour lot is located in Burbank, CA and provides tours in the lots where TV Shows such as Shameless, Friends, and Big Bang Theory were filmed, as well as insight on how film production and studios operate in real life. 

The tour consists of a 2 hour guided tour with one hour self-guided. Rising film editors, producers, and directors who are looking to move to Los Angles for these opportunities should look into this attraction.

2. Museum of Death

We all know famous serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and John Wayne Gacy. Love True Crime? This museum is the one for you. Crime Scene investigation photos, information on cults, and the actual clown shoes John Wayne Gacy wore are all displayed in this museum. 

Disclaimer: the museum does display gruesome and graphic images that may be vulgar to certain audiences. This museum allows you to dive into the mind and observe the reality of what goes on inside a serial killer’s brain. “Heavens Gate,” “Charles Manson Family” and “Jim Jones” few of the many cult exhibitions are also displayed in this museum. The ultimate one- hour self-guided experience is one of the most underrated places in Los Angeles and is sure to give you the heebie-jeebies.

3. Sunken City

Ever trespassed a “No Trespassing” sign? This is the one for the adrenaline junkies. Sunken City is a small trail located in Paseo Del Mar. A landslide that occurred in a San Pedro neighborhood formed a place now known as “Sunken City”, which is now a very popular hiking trail that locals have created regardless of how the public enforces it to be “off-limits.”

The place entails broken pieces of houses, demolished sidewalks, and streetcar tracks covered in graffiti. Sunken City has become a space for young people to congregate in several ways. The ultimate guilty pleasure of giving your Instagram feed an edgier vibe.  

4. Griffith Park

The place where Mia and Sebastian fell in love in the Oscar-winning film, “La La Land.” An observatory that overlooks a majestic view that encompasses several activities to do on-site. Griffith park holds a Zoo and Botanical Garden, Greek Theatre, Museums, The Observatory, hiking trails, and endless greenery. The park holds various activities for people with multiple interests. It is the perfect place to explore several attractions in one place than if you were to do one of these attractions in one single day.

The diversity and variety this park offers can allow you to avoid the huge, overwhelming crowds of tourists and really focus in on the beauty of the Earth, allowing you to admire a different side away from the traffic, buildings, and crowds of Los Angeles.

5. Venice Canals

Italy, without the expenses? Yes, pu-lease!! Welcome to Italy in California! That’s right! Venice!!

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Ever wanted a romantic Canoe ride with your significant other, but money is always a hassle? No worries, re-create the dream right in Los Angeles! Calm, clear water, canoeing amongst several houses that are considered works of art, you’ll start believing you truly are in Italy. Perfect place to share a moment with your closest loved ones, cruising around the stillness of the water admiring the beauty of human existence as they walk above the laced bridges. Take a walk, snap some pictures, make some memories display your love with confidence in a unique location.

6. The Last Bookstore

Love to read? Perhaps, you love the smell of books and the vintage feel of printed material. The Last Bookstore encompasses the art of preserving stories through fully-stocked bookshelves and custom-built book sculptures. This store provides a unique twist that is different from other bookstores. Sit back, relax, drink some coffee and snuggle your nose under a book, this bookstore provides a space for all book worms to coexist and express their appreciation for books of all genres.

You can also purchase used books at an affordable price. It is as if time was reversed and society was held in captive to the timeline where literature and print were above all else. The Last Bookstore is a moment frozen in time that brings a nostalgic feeling from the past and is one of the most underrated places in Los Angeles.

7. Amoeba

CD Junkie? Lover of underground music? Amoeba is the place for you. A very 90s rock vibe with a variety of people with all kinds of music tastes. A place where new films, books, music, and art are discovered. Ever feel like nobody understands your music taste? Amoeba is where you find the ones who do. Edgy, trendy and vintage, Amoeba is the perfect place to uncover and release your inner wild side.

Which of these underrated places in Los Angeles will you put on your list of must-sees? Let us know in the comments down below!

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