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The Most Stylish Outfits To Wear To Any Job Interview

Job interviews can be scary yet an exciting process. When I go into an interview, I always get anxious about what I would say and act and a lot of mixed emotions go through my head. But the job interview is not only about what you say. It can also be about what you wear as well.

What you are wearing to a job interview is the first impression you give when you walk through that company door. Even before you say a word, they are already analyzing how you present yourself. It can also be hard to figure out what would be appropriate for that interview. Some jobs call for more sophisticated stylish outfits and others call for more laid back and business casual.

 Picking out the stylish outfits to wear can be tough and can have you not knowing where to start. Believe me. I completely get this because I recently went shopping for work clothes and did not know how to build the perfect wardrobe. But now I do and now I have a list of stylish outfits to choose from for your next job interview.

A staple blazer

Wearing a cute blazer can make you stand out and look ready for your job. When that person interviews you and sees you wearing this stylish piece, they will associate you with being put together and ready to tackle any task. Blazers also make women look powerful. In the past, they were associated with men through the past couple of decades, we changed that. Blazers also look cute in bright colors and can make a dull look feel fresh and fun. Plus, your future colleagues will give you a handful of compliments on this piece. You truly can never go wrong with a blazer. If you want the blazer to look laid back, wear jeans with it. If you want to look dressed up, wear dress pants with it. If you want to look like a girl boss, wear a skirt with it. 

A good pair of jeans

Now, jeans might not be appropriate for specific interviews, but would be great for a job that calls for a semi casual work environment. Straight jeans and wide legged jeans are very popular right now and go with pretty much any top. You can make jeans super casual or very sophisticated depending on how you choose to dress them. As long as there are no holes or rips in the jeans, pretty much any pair will do. Jeans are perfect for stylish outfits for a girl on the go.

Matching sets

Matching sets are perfect together and separate. You can use a top from a matching set with a different bottom, the bottom from the matching set with a different top or just wear them together. The possibilities are endless. But when worn together, you will look put together and chic. I personally think matching sets are even cuter in bright colors and make great and easy stylish clothes to wear. The most popular matching sets for an interview are a blazer and dress bottoms. This look is perfect for a more conservative interview meeting and will make you look ready for the occasion and more to come. You will be serving some Elle Woods real-ness, especially if the matching set is pink.

Button up tee shirts

Button up tee shirts are definitely more on the casual side, but can easily be dressed up or dressed down. When worn with jeans, you get a more put together casual look, but with dress pants, you get a more dressy look. THere are many ways to create stylish outfits with this staple piece. It is also perfect for summer so you don’t have to sweat like crazy during your interview. You can also wear the button up tee shirt opened with a tank top underneath to achieve a different semi casual look. 

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Pencil skirt

I am personally not a skirt girl, but skirts are rising to popularity and will definitely look trendy in an office setting. Pencil skirts can also look business casual if you wear them as a jean skirt or more formal if it is a solid fabric. They are easy to style and are worth buying because you will not have to put too much thought into your outfits. Also, as I said earlier in this article, skirts will make you look and feel like a girl boss. You can also spice things up and get them in fun colors and wear a basic shirt on the top. This will make your interviewer know that you want to make an impact and that you are bold in your choices inside and outside the office. There are endless possibilities when wearing a pencil skirt, so why not buy one?


Now, you are probably going to think I am crazy about loving loafers, but hear me out. They are back and better than ever! Loafers are not the boring shoe they used to be and they have the potential to spice up your looks. Platform loafers are rising in popularity. High end companies like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton are hopping on this trend and so are other retailers. These stylish shoes make stylish outfits. Soon enough, you will see many young people commuting to their interviews and are sporting loafers. Including me. I literally just ran to the store today and bought a pair of loafers and could not be happier. Just like Pencil skirts and matching sets, loafers also come in different colors, so you can have your look spiced up from head to toe… literally. It is a subtle way to make an outfit look complete for your interview.

I am still new to the work world and am learning about the latest trends within it, but I do know that the things that I named above are essentials for creating stylish outfits for interviews. I hope you enjoyed my list of business attire for your interview. What is your favorite thing to wear for an interview?

Sierra Cucciardi

Sierra Cucciardi is a fourth year student at Penn State University studying Digital/ Print Journalism and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has a passion for covering topics like wellness, fashion, beauty, fitness and many more. Other than writing, Sierra also enjoys photography, graphic design and social media management. She hopes to one day be a full-time writer for a lifestyle magazine and is very excited to be interning for Society19 for Summer 2022.

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