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The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Unwinding before bed has always been a struggle for me so finding easy ways to relax was a must.  It’s easy to forget sometimes that our body and mind need more than just a quiet room and cozy bed to get a good night’s sleep.  These simple tips and tricks will have you wishing you tried them earlier.


Reading is always a great idea.  Focusing your attention on something that isn’t your cellphone or computer before bed is extremely beneficial.  You aren’t exposing yourself to the blue LED lights of your electronics, making falling asleep that much easier.  Reading also reduces stress by getting your mind off of all the little thoughts going through your head.

Immersing yourself in a book that interests you gives you an opportunity to push your unwanted thoughts away for the time being.  Reading for a couple hours or even minutes before bed can help improve your concentration.  Grabbing a cup of hot tea and your favorite book may be your new favored way to unwind before bed.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Have A Pre-Sleep Routine

Having a routine before hopping into bed will train your brain to know it’s time to sleep.  Make it an essential part of your day and make sure to stick to it.  I find it helpful to give myself an hour before bed to do my little routine.  This could include anything from washing your face and doing a face mask to writing your thoughts down in a journal.

Anything you feel that could help you unwind and relax.  Picking out my outfit for the next day is something that I always find myself doing nightly.  This gives me a sense of relief knowing that I won’t have anything to worry about in the morning.  It is all about easing your mind and making sure you are able to relax.

Make your routine as long or as short as you see fit.  Even having one thing that you do every night that helps you relax is great.  I find that having this routine makes me more likely to get to bed at a reasonable hour as well.  It also gives me a sense of productivity because I am sticking to a schedule daily.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed


At first I was a little skeptical about meditating.  Not even just before bed, but in general.  After trying it a few times, I found that it is an amazing way to unwind before bed.  Focusing on your breathing will not only relax you, but will put you more in touch with your body.

Meditation relives stress and gives you a chance to reflect at the end of your day.  Find a quiet area in your house and get in a comfortable position.  Focusing on your breathing, take deep breaths and let your thoughts drift off.  It helps to not focus on one specific thing, but to let your brain wander.

There is really no right or wrong way to meditate.  Everyone is different.  Just the rising and falling of your chest should bring you comfort and relaxation when crawling into bed.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Listen To Music

Listening to music or a podcast before bed has been my go-to recently.  Make a chill playlist to listen to as you’re doing your nightly routine.  Choose some songs that are calming and aren’t very upbeat.  This will help you relax and get you in a sleepy mood.

I find that wearing headphones and laying in bed really makes a difference compared to just playing the music aloud.  Putting on your favorite podcast can help you unwind as well.  Choose a podcast that isn’t very energetic.  This could cause the opposite effect that you’re going for.  Using your time wisely before going to sleep is a must, especially if you don’t have much free time throughout the day.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Take A Shower/Bath

Taking a shower or bath has always been something i’ve relied on to help me unwind.  There is just something about it that is sure to make you completely relaxed.  Baths are my go-to when I’m having trouble getting myself to unwind before bed.  Using essential oils or bath bombs is always a good idea.  The fragrances can help you really get into a tired and relaxed state.

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A hot bath or shower can also help you get to a good body temperature and can aid sleep.  I always find myself stepping out of the shower and immediately wanting to cuddle up in my blankets.  Take the time to reflect on your day and maybe even start to plan the next day.  If you don’t like complete silence you can put on a relaxation playlist.

Taking care of your body can really change the way you sleep.  Making sure you are clean and free of aches or pain is essential.  Set aside time to focus on yourself and your body.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Turn Down The Lighting

Although it may not seem like it, lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to relaxing.  Dimming or turning off the lights can significantly help you unwind.  Making sure that there isn’t too much light in your bedroom can be a game changer.  Even something as little as an alarm clock can make a difference.

I used to sleep with my television on and I didn’t even realize how damaging that could be.  Removing all distractions from around you can really make a big difference in sleep quality and relaxation.

Before bed, make sure you are in near complete, if not complete, darkness.  I find that it really makes a difference when getting ready for bed.  Try to dim your lights or avoid bright lights when you are attempting to relax.  Bright lights can disrupt the need for darkness when our bedtime is right around the corner.  Trust me, this tip is a lifesaver.

The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

Will you be trying any of these tips and tricks to unwind before bed?  Let us know in the comments below!

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The Most Relaxing Ways To Unwind Before Bed

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