The 20 Most Relatable Drunk Texts

Did you drink a bit too much and maybe send a regrettable text? Don’t worry, anyone who has ever been drunk can sympathize. Everyone has made the embarrassing yet hilarious mistake of texting while drunk. Here are 20 relatable texts for anyone that either texts drunk or receives drunk texts from their friends.

1. The hungry text

2. The OVERLY flirty text

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3. The BEST friend text

4. The gibberish text

5. The bad spelling text

6. The injury text

7. The wrong number text

8. The ex text

9. The picture text

10. The realization text

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11. The autocorrect text

12. The lusty text

13. The email

14. The repetitive text

15. The customer service text

16. The selfie text

17. The Facebook post

18. The tweet

19. The lovey text

20. The answer yourself text


What are your best drunk texts? Comment below!
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Isabella Southwick

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