The Most Relatable Chandler Bing Lines

Full of punchy one-liners, Chandler Bing is everyone’s favourite sarcastic comedian from the beloved TV show FRIENDS. His smart wit and quick to the mat when it comes to a smart comeback has us all constantly laughing, even when the show has been finished for almost fifteen years. And if you love Chandler Bing just as much as we do, you’ll know that he delivers some of the most relatable lines that we’re still so obsessed with. 

1. When he just couldn’t get rid of Janice 

An ongoing gag in FRIENDS is Chandler’s inability to ever fully get rid of or break up with recurring character Janice. And when she makes an appearance back into Chandler’s life, he somehow winds up dating her all over again. This “Kill me now” line perfectly sums up how we all feel when we can’t seem to get away from someone who just doesn’t take a hint. Poor Chandler. 

Kill me now


2. When he was found in the bathtub with a glass of wine 

We all have long, difficult days at work or studying at Uni, and sometimes all we want is to kick back and soak in a beautiful bubble bath and a glass of Chardonnay. And while Chandler was secretly dating Monica, this was the only excuse he could come up with when Joey found him soaking in a pool of bubbles in their bathroom. We all deserve a little self-care and love. Soak in that tub, Chandler Bing! 

I've had a very long, hard day

3. When he screamed for another’s affections 

It’s no secret that Chandler Bing was cripplingly afraid of commitment, especially when it came to Janice. And when he finally realised he wanted to be with her, or his friends told him that acting like the most committed guy in the world would get rid of his commitment issues, he began yelling for Janice. And we all feel that sometimes. Where all we want is to have the validation from others that we are loved and adored by them. We feel you, buddy. 


hopeless and awkward and desperate for love

4. When he told Ross to just stop talking 

We all have that one friend who just never seems to get the memo that they’ve been talking just a little too long. And Chandler is great at telling his friends like it is when they’re embarrassing him. When Ross began delivering a lecture to some people who were bullying them, he starts rambling about some of Chandler’s insecurities and Chandler tells him to just “stop talking.” We feel that. All the time. If only we had the courage to tell someone to just shut up! 

stop talking, stop talking now


5. Eternal loneliness 

Sometimes we’re all just reminded of how single we are when we’re surrounded by our happy friends in relationships. We’re happy being single, but sometimes we just want a cuddle and Chandler depicts this feeling perfectly when no one hugs him after being bullied. Chandler gestures to thin air and sarcastically calls for someone to give him a hug. We’ve been there. 

oh wait a minute I have no one

6. When he literally just could not care

Sometimes our friends or family tell us something or some news that we couldn’t care less about. Maybe it’s some information about some distant relative or friends, and all we want is to tell them that we really don’t care. And this is what Chandler is best at – telling it just like it is without caring about who he offends. We really couldn’t care less about your baby’s sleeping patterns, Karen. 

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Oh I don't care

7. Another time he declared being alone 

Sometimes the dating life just doesn’t work out for us. And we think that no matter how much of a catch we may be, there’s still an underlying fear we’re going to end up alone. And Chandler delivers multiple lines where he confesses he thinks he’ll end up alone. We feel that. 

I'm gonna die alone

8. Finally, his declaration of being uniquely him 

Laughter is the best medicine, but it’s also great for filling those awkward silences. And Chandler tends to fill awkward silences perfectly with random witty comments. Sometimes, we need someone like Chandler in our lives to fill the tension in the room, and help us through all the uncomfortable moments. But more importantly, sometimes we wish we could open and honest about our awkward characters in front of strangers – which is exactly what Chandler Bing always does.

I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable

Do you have a favourite Chandler Bing line? If we didn’t cover your favourite one-liner, what are your other favourite lines from him? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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