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The Most Popular Nail Shapes For Spring 2020

The Most Popular Nail Shapes For Spring 2020

Nail shapes, almost every girl in the universe can’t live without getting her nails done. (We don’t blame you!) While nail colors may have been done to death, nail shapes have hardly been given any thought. The next time you head to the nail salon, give this article a read before making up your mind! If you’re unsure of what nail shape fits you and your style, stay tuned! We’ve got you covered. Every perfect manicure starts with the perfect nail shape. With the spring season just around the corner, we’ll have you prepared for all of your endeavors. Let’s talk about the most popular nail shapes for spring 2020. 

1. The Coffin Shape Nail 

If you are unsure what nail shape to get, the next time you stop by the nail spa consider getting this done. Although the name doesn’t sound too appealing, don’t be discouraged! The coffin shape nail has one of the highest trends for spring nail shapes 2020. The best thing about the ‘coffin’ shape nail trend is that any color will look great paired with this shape. Aside from the name being attention-grabbing, there really isn’t any shape like it. Show off your nail shape with this style!


2. Oval Nail Style 

An all-around, fan favorite, despite the season, is the oval nail shape. The oval nail shape was actually voted the least likely to break. Which, many of us find super helpful… because who wants their nails to break just after getting them done? This nail trend can never fail and is typically worn either long or short. There is no right or wrong answer! Personally, I like my nails this oval shape, because I wear contact lenses, and I don’t like having a super long nail shape. Whatever your preference, this style is perfect. Plus, it also goes with any color of your choice! 


3. Square Nail Shape 

I’m sure we all have been sitting at the nail salon, and been asked, “square or round?” And when I first started getting my nails done I didn’t know what to respond back. Over the years I did develop a preference because the square shape in my opinion just looks better. Something that a lot of girls might not realize is that your finger size is also something to consider. I have long fingers and I think square nails fit me best. For someone with smaller fingers, I may suggest a round, cuter shape! But again, just have fun with it, don’t stress. 

4. Stiletto Nail Shape 

Out of all the nail shapes, this is probably the one with the best name. And who doesn’t automatically think of a stiletto heal when they read this? This nail shape may not be for everyone. Be careful if you do wear contact lenses, or need to touch your eyes or face. But hey, who am I to judge? These nails will have you looking and feeling the most confidence since you started getting your nails done. Just like a stiletto heel, (hence the name), the end of these nail shapes is very, very pointy. Be careful if you are doing a presentation in front of the class, because all eyes will surely be on you. 


5. “Squoval” Nail Shape

This nail shape is going to have you reading it twice. Yes, you read that right, but don’t ask me how to pronounce it. It is the best of both worlds, or in this case, the best of both nail shapes. It is the perfect combination for those who just can’t decide between a square, round, or oval shape nail. This Spring, we’ll have your nails looking top-notch no matter what is on your agenda. If you are unsure of what this nail shape looks like, not to worry. The photo below will answer your question. 

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6. Round Nail Shape 

This nail shape is probably the most simple and looks just as it sounds. For those of you new to the nail world, or don’t want to step out of your comfort zone by getting something different, I would say your best bet for nail shapes is the round nail shape. Not to mention, this nail shape is probably the most common. Out of every single one of my friends who has gotten their nails done with me, I am going to be honest here – I have seen this shape the most often. This Spring, continue the never-ending trend with this shape. Top it off with you’re favorite pop of color, and you’re golden!


7. Pointed Nail Shape 

This nail shape is similar to the stiletto shape, but not exactly the same. The edges of the nail are kept straight until the top where it emulates a triangular shape, almost like a triangular. This nail shape is one of the sassiest, but classy, nonetheless. Pair it with your favorite light pink nail polish, and you’ll be the focus of any public event. What is the most interesting to me out of nail shapes is that there really is a nail shape picked out for everyone. Think of it like the nail shape is best picked according to your personality type. 

8. Almond Nail Shape 

Last, but not least, is the almond shape nail. With the name being so attention-grabbing, the almond nail shape certainly is too. Most similar to the almond nail shape is either square or round, seeing as the almond makes a perfect combination of the two shapes. You simply cannot go wrong with this shape, despite the color you choose. This nail shape is one of the trends for nail shapes that I honestly, do not see every fading away or going out of style. Perfect for college students, you have a shape that will have your friends and classmates green with envy. 


With these nail shapes, feel free to comment on your own favorite nail shape, along with your favorite spring color! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoyed!

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