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The Most Instagrammable Spots In LA

The Most Instagrammable Spots In LA

My tour of literary Los Angeles will take you to all of the best spots in LA where you can be educated on places of inspiration for famous authors!

Los Angeles is home to a lot of things: beaches, trendy restaurants, malls, museums, theme parks, concert venues, and sports teams. To many of us, LA is one of the major cities that just has it all. LA is even known to be a ‘heaven’ to all of the Instagram-lovers and photographers out there, being home to the most incredible, and stunning, Instagrammable Spots. Whether you live in LA, or are visiting for the first time and looking for some picture perfect spots to visit, here are 12 of the most Instagrammable spots that you have to check out! You are guaranteed to be Insta-famous after snapping some shots at these incredible places.

1.Urban Light Exhibit at LACMA

One of the most popular photo spots in the area is this Urban Light exhibit at LACMA. This spot is perfect at any time of day, whether in the early morning, afternoon, or evening. This exhibit is especially popular during the night, as the lights are all light up and create for the perfect Insta-worthy backdrop for your pictures. This spot is perfect to grab a cute solo pic, a group pic with friends, or a romantic pic with your significant other. Just be patient and know that your picture perfect opportunity will come regardless of the crowds!



2.Griffith Park/Observatory

You can thank the movie La La Land for reminding us all of how beautiful this spot is! Ever since the release of the movie, this has been one of the hottest places to visit. The observatory offers a bunch of different exhibits, shows and telescope opportunities, as well as incredible views of the city. Not only can you spend some time looking through the exhibits, but you can also get some great pictures here. The best time to come is right around dinner time, so you have enough time to park and look in the exhibits. Head outside around sunset to take your pictures!


3.Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is such an icon throughout all of LA, and you can’t come here without seeing it! Whether you hike up to the top of the sign, or look at the sign from the bottom of the hill, it is so worth it. You can also snap so many cute pics in front of the sign.



4.Santa Monica Pier

Of all the beaches in the Los Angeles area, Santa Monica is the most popular one. The Santa Monica Pier and Boardwalk brings in so many different people from all different places around the world. This pier has something for everyone — restaurants, arcade games, roller coaster rides, and the beach! Scope out a few different spots along the Pier, and get as many pictures as you can. Make sure you get a cute picture on the beach, in front of the big ferris wheel!

5.Paul Smith’s Pink Wall

Paul Smith’s Pink Wall is one of the most iconic Instagrammable spots throughout all of LA. Many people from near and far travel to this wall just to get a picture for the ‘Gram. Get ready to strut your best pose, and pull out your trendiest outfit to get the perfect picture here. You are guaranteed to get messages from friends from all over asking where this wall is!



6.The Getty Museum

This museum is known for the incredible artwork and exhibits, but even more well known for the stunning views of the city of Los Angeles. There are so many different spots that make for the perfect backgrounds for all of your Insta-worthy pics. Be sure to dress extra cute and trendy, and get ready for a day filled of artwork, photography and fun!


7.The Grove

The Grove is one of the most popular spots in LA. This outdoor mall is stunning! From all of the delicious restaurants, to the luxury shops, entertainment activities and more, this place has it all. There are so many places to capture an Insta-worthy picture, like in front of the famous Grove sign or the grass area. This spot is perfect to spend the day with friends, take lots of pictures, and shop.

Tip: Visit The Grove during Christmas time, for the most magical winter wonderland experience!


8.The Broad

This museum is filled with Instgrammable spots in every room, and is known to be an Instagrammer’s dream spot for a photoshoot! Whether you are planning on going to the museum to actually look at the exhibits, or just going to take some cute pictures, you should plan to stay here for a few hours! Not only are there so many amazing photo opportunities, but there is also so much to see. Some of the famous exhibits are the Yayoi Kusama exhibits, Infinity Mirrored Room, and Longing for Eternity.


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9.OUE Skyspace LA

Skyspace LA does not disappoint! This building is California’s tallest open air observation deck, which overlooks all of the city. Skyspace is truly the only way that you can view all of LA, which means that the views are incredible, and the pictures are just as good. There is even a painting of angel wings on one of the walls, which makes for a very Insta-worthy spot. Even on the sad, gloomy days, this place is still amazing.


10.Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

If you want to get all dressed up and feel boujee for the day, head on over to Rodeo Drive at Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive is home to all things elegant, classy and luxurious. From the designer stores, to the classy restaurants, you are bound to feel like a celebrity after spending a day here. Not to mention, there are so many great spots to take some pictures at! Make sure you get a picture on the staircase leading up to the shops.

If you are looking for more photo opportunities, all you have to do is drive around the streets in Beverly Hills and you will find a spot on every street corner!




You can’t visit LA without taking a trip to Disneyland! The tickets may be expensive, and the lines may be a bit too long, but it is so worth it. Pick up a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and get ready for a day filled of roller coasters, junk food, and pictures! There are so many places throughout the park to get those Insta-worthy pics, so take full advantage of it. Don’t forget a picture in front of the Princess castle, too!



12.“Made in LA” Sign

You can’t experience the most Instagrammable spots in LA without visiting the “Made In LA” sign! This sign is located right on Melrose Avenue, which is a very popular street in LA. Once you find the wall, wait in line and make sure you get that perfect Insta-worthy pic. There are so many different cafes, restaurants and shops all along Melrose that you can browse around after your little photoshoot at the wall!

Looking for more Instagram-Worthy spots in LA? Here are 10 additional picture-perfect spots for you!