The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages

The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages

Like any social media platform, Instagram pages can be just as boring and irritating to scroll through, as they can be inspiring and fun to look at. Not everyone goes on to sit through and watch a full live video, some people go on to find new trends, recipes and see what their friends are posting. Instagram is a super easy outlet to use to be able to keep up with what’s going on in the world, and also get tips from magazines, and influential people we look up to. I have found that using Instagram has led me to some inspiring health and beauty pages, here’s what I follow right now!

2. thegoodtrade

The most recent Instagram page I found and adored is thegoodtrade. They are a website based around influencing people to love themselves while spreading love out into the world as well. After looking at a couple of their posts, I instantly had a moment of “Yes, this is exactly what I needed to hear today.” Not only is The Good Trade great at sharing new ideas such as mindfulness tips, movie and book recommendations, but they also share inspiring quotes that we could all use sometime. On their instagram page, they are categorized as a society & culture website, which they do have their website linked in their bio – but, they do also have posts regarding sustainable hobbies, foods, and skincare products. They have Instagram stories dedicated to their picks of natural makeup, eco-friendly house items, and over all wellness wisdom. This is one instagram page that is clearly passionate about bringing joy to someone’s day, doing good for the community, and reminding people to take care of themselves inside and out. 

The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages
Courtesy of @thegoodtrade Instagram.

2. iamwellandgood

Okay, this is one of the best instagram pages all around when it comes to health and beauty. The website, Well + Good is truly all about teaching the world how to incorporate wellness into our everyday lifestyle. On this Instagram page, you can find IGTV videos showing at home workouts, including yoga poses. You can find knowledgable posts about sleep, how to take care of your home, and what to include in your day to day life to stay healthy. You can also find pictures of yummy food like tacos, and mac and cheese, with the recipes included once you click on the link in their bio – which their bio also includes links to their other two Instagram pages, wellandgoodtravels and wellandgoodeats. There is an Instagram story that includes wellness trends, and for people who love astrology, they have an Instagram story for that too! They also do Instagram live videos that can be helpful to figuring out how to relax, such as a “happy hour mediation.” There is a lot of good stuff within iamwellandgood’s page, and they are definitely worth checking out!

The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages
Courtesy of @iamwellandgood Instagram.

3. mindbodygreen

This instagram page has a 1 million followers, and it’s easy to see why. Take a look at mindbodygreen and you’ll instantly see the vibrant color scheme, and radiance coming from this website. The creative minds behind mindbodygreen share posts with positive news, quick lists of benefits of skin care products and foods, and videos teaching followers about wellness from the inside out! What you’ll take away from this Instagram page, are short lessons on how to eat to feel good, how to get into your own well-being routine, DIY beauty tips, recipes, workouts, how to boost your immune system, how to organize your living space, etc. – with all these great things on one page, it obviously makes sense why mindbodygreen is so popular! They also have simple browsing options on their Instagram stories with categories like, mindfulness, movement, relationships, home, health, top reads, beauty, and more.

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The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages
Courtesy of @mindbodygreen Instagram.

 4. goop

Fan of Gwyneth Paltrow or not, I find it hard to not find some solid tips from goop’s instagram page. If you’ve seen The Goop Lab on Netflix, you have an idea of what their Instagram could be like. The show itself is totally unfiltered, and to the point. Goop tests out new ideas, methods and teaches all genders to embrace who they are. With 1.4 million followers, it is one of the other popular health and beauty Instagram pages. Like the previous Instagram accounts, Goop also shares ways to achieve wellness from the inside out. The goop team touches on everything from beauty, skincare, food, workouts, fashion, sex, mediation, etc. What you can get from this Instagram page and their website, is real people sharing their stories and tips from that variety of topics and more. Looking to make a new recipe? Slide through one of Goop’s post for a full ingredient list on how to make something delicious. Sick of your workout routine? Grab a yoga mat, and look at their page to try one of their 10, 15 or 30 minute at home workouts available on their IGTV videos. You can feel inspired to try a new step in your skincare routine, organize your house, try out yoga etc. when following Goop!

The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages
Courtesy of @goop Instagram.

5. wearebrightland

Lastly, another one of the coolest and inspiring Instagram pages I recently followed is wearebrightland. What’s awesome about wearebrightland extends more than the fact that they make their own olive oil. When you take a look at their Instagram page, you’ll see a vast amount of pictures of delicious and fresh foods. We see photos of food captured in the comfort of homes, reminding us just how calming it can be to throw on a Spotify playlist, light a candle, and cook. What wearebrightland believes is that olive oil is an essential when it comes to wellness. If you aren’t entirely sure what else you can use olive oil for when it comes to cooking, they definitely have a few ideas. They are constantly sharing healthy recipes, and reminding people to slow down a bit and enjoy the simple and little things, like cooking for yourself or friends and family!

The Most Inspiring Health And Beauty Instagram Pages
Courtesy of @wearebrightland Instagram.
Do you follow any of these Instagram pages? What are your favorite Instagrams for health and beauty? Let us know in the comments!
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