The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

Fall is a time of change, and will that change comes gorgeous colors and beautiful fall foliage. No matter how you might feel about the dropping temperatures, it’s impossible to deny that fall is one of the most gorgeous times of the year!

If you didn’t have wanderlust before, get ready to! These gorgeous places are some of the best places to experience fall, and you need to visit them ASAP, trust us!

1. Munich, Germany

The home of Oktoberfest and gorgeous scenery, Munich, Germany, will have you wishing it were autumn year-round! 

Munich has tons of opportunities to see the gorgeous scenery and foliage. Munich also has lots of outdoor activities such as farmer’s markets and sightseeing opportunities that will show you the most magnificent views!

And if you want to live out your Disney fantasy, Munich is home to Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty’s castle! Not only can you be a princess for the day, but the sights are unbeatable, making this gorgeous place a must for everyone’s bucket list!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

2. Olympic National Park, Washington

The Olympic National Park is beautiful all year but especially so in the fall! This national park spans over 900,000 acres and is so large that it has four regions and is home to three ecosystems. 

When you visit Olympic National Park, be prepared to see lots of gorgeous wildlife, including elk, otters, eagles, and bobcats. During the fall, the giant maple trees that cover the park will begin to turn into the gorgeous shades of fall and maple leaves will be everywhere! 

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

3. Yosemite National Park, California

Although Yosemite isn’t known for it’s changing fall leaves, it is still amongst one of the most gorgeous places to visit during the fall!

Take some fantastic hikes and see the incredible scenery and maybe see a deer… or 20… 

Plus, since fall is Yosemite’s off-season, you don’t have to worry about huge crowds and tons of tourism! Thus making Yosemite one of the best and least-expected places to visit during the fall!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

4. Central Park, New York

Of course, you have to see Central Park in the fall at least once in your life. But careful, once you see it you’ll never want to leave!

Central Park is an iconic park where hundreds of movies take place, specifically in the fall! That’s because, during the fall, Central Park’s tree all turn to gorgeous shades of red, orange, and yellow and is the definition of what fall is supposed to look like! Remember the iconic scene in When Harry Met Sally? Yep, that’s Central Park!

You could spend hours in Central Park and still not cover the whole thing, all the more reason to stay an extra few days!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

5. Chicago, Illinois

Not only is fall one of the most gorgeous times to visit Chicago due to the foliage, but it is also the time of year with some of the best activities the city has to offer!

Participate in some of the most fall activities you can think of such as apple picking or visit the pumpkin patch, all while being surrounded by changing leaves and chilly temperatures!

For some of the best fall foliage, Chicago Botanic Gardens, Morton Arboretum, or Lincoln Park! You definitely won’t be disappointed by these gorgeous places!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

6. Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park is by far one of the most beautiful parks and most underrated! 

Stanley Park isn’t the biggest park ever, but that just means you’re able to explore it all! Take a bike ride or travel via horse and carriage around the park and take in the sights! Stanley Park was also named one of the best parks in the world in 2014 by Trip Advisory, so you know it’s gotta be good!

And for all those Twilight fans out there, Stanley Park was a filming location for many forest scenes in the films!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

7. Salem, Massachusetts 

We can’t have a list of the most gorgeous places in the fall without including the historic town of Salem in Massachusetts!

Salem is arguably the heart of all things fall and Halloween and is a massive part of what made fall the iconic season that it is! Although Salem is the busiest in the fall, it is also the best time to visit!

Not only are the leaves changing and falling, but there are also lots of Halloween activities you can participate in! Visit the many museums the town has to offer or visit a local pumpkin patch! What better place to grab a pumpkin than in the literal Halloween Town?

Salem hasn’t changed very much over the years and looks just as historic as it did centuries before! This is definitely one of the most gorgeous places to visit for all things history, Halloween, and beautiful fall foliage! 

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Although it gets quite cold in Scotland during the autumn months, it is well worth bundling up a little more to experience Edinburgh this time of year!

Autumn is typically Edinburgh’s off-season so you can experience the streets as they genuinely are and avoid all the tourist activity at the same time! The castle is perhaps one of the most stunning during the fall as it offers incredible views and is surrounded by gorgeous foliage!

Fall is also the best season to visit Edinburgh’s farmer’s market and live like a local in one of the most gorgeous places ever!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

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9. Near Stowe, Vermont

Similar to Salem, Near Stowe in Vermont has maintained many of their historic buildings and visiting will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time!

If you’re going to see fall foliage, why not do it at the place named #1 top foliage location in the United States by Trip Advisory? Stowe has embraced its title and has made it a must-visit for fall! The town has added tons of tours and activities for guests and has definitely earned their claim as one of the most gorgeous places to visit in autumn!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

10. Portland, Maine

If you love fall foliage and seafood, look no further than Portland, Maine!

Maine is notorious for having some of the best seafood in the United States and is especially famous for their lobster! Even if you don’t love seafood, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the incredible scenery!

With endless hikes and outdoor activities to participate in, you will experience some of the most gorgeous fall foliage out there! And if you’re looking for the best in the state, visit Bradbury Moutain State Park which is only 20 minutes away from Portland!

Maine is also known for having some of the kindest people and having some of the best hotels and B&Bs available! 

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

11. Blue Ridge, Georgia

If you love to hike, Blue Ridge, Georgia is the ideal fall travel location for you! 

Hike the Appalachian Trail and take in the beautiful sights that Georgia has to offer! Blue Ridge is known for its hiking trails and between the numerous trails to choose from and the gorgeous views, how could this not be one of the most gorgeous places in the fall?

Blue Ridge also has excellent camping options so you can fully immerse yourself in the fall atmosphere!

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

12. Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to make the most of your fall, Charleston is the place to be!

During the fall, Charleston fully embraces their title of one of the most gorgeous places to be during the season and creates tons of experiences for both locals and visitors!

Each year, homes and gardens participate in open houses where the public can enter private areas that are decorated to the nines! Not only is this season perfect for the snoopers (it’s okay I am too), but there are also lots of fall festivals and fairs for the whole family to enjoy! 

The Most Gorgeous Places To Visit During The Fall

Will you be booking a flight to one of these gorgeous places? Let us know!

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