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The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

Fall is fast approaching, and with the beautiful season comes one of the most exciting times of the entire year, Halloween. This is the one time during the year where your creativity is put on full display, you dress up as your favorite superhero, villain, cartoon character, movie star, celebrity, or whatever else you want to be!

Halloween is the perfect time to go over the top with everything, what you wear, where you go to a party, and any other type of planning. This also applies to party themes if you plan on hosting a Halloween party yourself. There are endless themes to make your party, so I’ll show you the most extra Halloween party themes!

Zombie Apocalypse

What better way to start off our list of exciting and extra Halloween party themes other than a zombie apocalypse? It is honestly the perfect theme for a Halloween party, and there will be an endless variety of zombie costumes people will wear for the party!

They will take inspiration from the likes of The Walking Dead, iZombie, Z Nation, Game Of Thrones, and more! The creativity will be off the charts, and you will turn your party into an undead Halloween ground! Make the entire place a graveyard, adding tombstones, shovels, and any other undead item you can think of to make the party more awesome! Throwing a party with the zombie theme will make everyone remember your party as one of the coolest ever; making it a solid first choice for our list.

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

Witches & Warlocks

Magical casters have been a staple ambassador of Halloween for as long as history goes. Witches, Warlocks, and Wizards alike all represent what the exciting season of Halloween is all about; supernatural, extremely cool, innovative, and appealing to look at!

It does not matter if you are a fan of Harry Potter and his crew at Hogwarts, or if you prefer Sabrina the Teenage witch even Zelena from the Wizard of Oz. Do not forget the iconic Gandalf from the Lord of The Rings, adding to the numerous famous witches and warlocks you and your friends can dress up as if you make this the theme of your Halloween party. To make the place even more exciting, get some witch decorations, like some hanging witch hats, and brooms to come with them! Your imagination is the limit on this one.

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

Wild West

Remember that Halloween does not have to be scary, it can just be as awesome being based on the Wild West! There are so many possible places to draw on this idea, you can make the party similar to an Indiana-Jones style movie, or Red Dead Redemption style 1900’s cowboy era. Since there is so much variety when it comes to dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls, this idea will be greatly complimented. If you like, you can go further and turn your venue into an olden-day saloon. Make sure you outdo everyone though with your cowboy/girl costume, and you get bonus points for involving a holster, prop revolver, and spinning wheel on your boots!

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

Crime Scene

A crime scene is not only an extremely interesting Halloween theme idea, but it is a visually appealing one as well. There is plenty of wiggle room here not only with what people can wear but how you want the party decorations to look like. You can “quarantine” areas with suspenseful FBI tape, with dead body props with blood in random places throughout the party venue.

There is so much you can do with the crime scene idea that it is crazy, you can choose to dress up as any detective you like (Dr. Who, Lucifer Morningstar, Sherlock Holmes come to mind), a cop/police officer, a murder victim, or anything else of the like! People will definitely love the theme, as it will allow them to showcase their originality when it comes to making a Halloween party like a crime scene!

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

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Haunted House

Halloween would not be the same without the existence of Haunted houses. Halloween celebrates all things creepy, scary, and supernatural (like I mentioned concerning the witches and warlocks theme idea). Giving your party a haunted house theme will resonate well with the party-goers, as everyone loves a good haunted house.

You can search up scary items to put in the house, how to set up occasional jump scares, and other gross haunted items such as a Ouija board, cobwebs, and other “cursed” things. The dress code is quite loose, as anything that can be seen as cursed would be allowed, meaning you can wear virtually anything you want. You can go as a vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost killer; hell you can even go as Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Your imagination is the limit here!

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

1960’s Diner

Last, but definitely not the least, is a 1960’s diner theme for your Halloween party! The diners from the late 1950s to late 1960s are some of the most iconic restaurant themes ever. They look simple, beautiful, and just have this certain exciting vibe to them. This will most certainly be the case if you use this as a theme for your Halloween party!

You can make the party venue look like the old diner, all those who attend should quite easily find outfits that would have been worn back then! You can go further and make your diner similar to Riverdale’s Choc Lit Shoppe, or the diner from Back To The Future. Like with the other themes, your creativity is the limit really, as you can make the diner look however you want! If done properly, this will not only be a creative theme for the Halloween party but will cause a very memorable experience for all who come to it!

The Most Extra Halloween Party Themes

These are all our most extra Halloween Party Themes! Let us know in the comments which themes you plan on using for your upcoming Halloween party, and what you like so much about them!

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