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The Most Essential Dorm Decor For Guys

There are some dorm essentials everyone needs, regardless of their gender. Though this post specifically features dorm decor for guys, I need hardly say that anyone can decorate their dorm with these items. Though I’m not a guy myself, I either own half of these products or have the other half saved to my shopping list. Here’s some dorm decor for guys (and everyone!) who want to spruce up their dorm:

1. Keurig

It’s no secret that college is tiring. Between classes, clubs, and long nights out, you’ll need all the energy you can get. And what’s the quickest way to get energy? Caffeine, of course. Keurigs are essential dorm decor for guys who have fallen asleep during lectures. They’ll fix you a cup of coffee faster than you can say, “hangover.” Don’t forget your K cups, too. If I’m completely honest, K cups are either a hit or a miss for me. Some of the coffee tastes super watery, but others are Starbucks quality. I guess it depends on the brand and how much creamer you put in. I always say, the more creamer, the better.

2. Mini Fridge And Utensil Organizer

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but mini fridges are must-have. I realize that all of my suggested dorm decor for guys are kitchenware. But believe me, you’re going to need a mini fridge. I can’t even stomach the thought of having to store my food in a communal fridge. There was a jungle of mold inside of mine freshman year, as well as several snacks that mysteriously vanished. To avoid storing your food in an unhygienic, free-for-all space, keep a mini fridge under your bed. Unless your roommate is asking to be yelled at, no one will try to steal your food. If you want to get super organized, buy a utensil organizer to go on top of it. 

3. Collapsable Laundry Basket

Doing laundry at school is the bane of my existence. Unless you’ve scored your own laundry machines, you’ll most likely have to pay for each load. Trust me, it adds up. And is it just me or are the machines always down? I can’t promise you that laundry will be inexpensive, but I can recommend an affordable laundry basket for you. This striped one from Amazon is the total package: collapsable, stylish, and big enough to fit multiple weeks’ worth of dirty clothes. I found this laundry basket on Amazon, but there are tons of similar products at Target, IKEA, and most other department stores. 

4. Wall Decor

Posters and prints are necessities to bring to school. If I had to recommend one piece of dorm decor for guys to glamorize your space, it would be this. Let’s face it: dorm walls are depressing. They need as much help as possible to look less like a prison cell. Luckily, Dormify sells a wide range of wall decor that will liven up your room. I’m a big fan of travel posters, especially ones of places I’ve been to. Posters of your favorite music artists and movies are great to have, too. You can also display your favorite baseball hats on your walls, along with banners, wooden signs, vines…you name it. Treat your walls as your canvas (but don’t actually draw on them, or you’ll be fined).

5. Additional Seating

I always recommend purchasing extra seating for your dorm. The chairs that my school provides me with are impossibly uncomfortable. Not even a pillow can save them. For a comfier option, look for a bean bag chair. Bean bag chairs are perfect for storing under the bed, and plus, they’re easy to carry on move in day. Since they’re so malleable, they won’t take up too much room in your car either. Floor pillows take up even less space, both in your dorm and in your trunk. They’re relatively affordable at Walmart and Urban Outfitters; I suggest buying more than one, in case you’re hosting a lot of friends. 

6. Fuzzy Throw Rugs

Most of the time, your dorm comes with linoleum floors. They’re cold, hard, and overall uncomfortable to walk on. You deserve something a little more snug. Throw rugs will automatically alleviate the pain of walking on the bare floor. Not only that, but a rug will also add a colorful accent to your space. Get one that works with your room’s color scheme. If your bedding is already heavily patterned, opt for a solid colored carpet to balance them out. Before you purchase any rugs, I would check in with your roommate. Since the carpet will probably take up both sides of the room, you’ll want one that you can agree on.

7. Backrest Pillow

I have no idea what to call these. Backrest pillows? Lounge pillows? Pillows with arms? Whatever they are, they’re obligatory dorm decor for guys (or for anyone that wants to avoid back pain). I’ve had my fluffy white one all throughout my college career. It’s saved me from having to lean against the hard brick walls of many student dorms. Without it, I truly believe that I would’ve developed scoliosis. You can get a lounge pillow in any style, from sherpa to shag. Mine is from Target, but you can find them anywhere.

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8. Extra Storage

The more storage you have, the more space you have in your room. The logic checks out. You’ll need somewhere to store clothes you’re not wearing, textbooks you’re not reading, and snacks you’re trying to hide. For those purposes, I recommend a large trunk. If you have a lofted bed, you can easily slip this under. It’s also perfect for more personal items, since it has a lock. Though this might be a hassle to transport on move in day, it’ll save you a lot of trouble down the road. You can stack other storage bins on top, too! 


Sometimes the pressure of what to pack outweighs the excitement of move in day. Don’t get too wrapped up in packing everything; just bring what’s essential, both for decorating and practicality. The fun comes when your room starts to look like your own space.


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