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The Most Decadent Brownie Recipes Ever

The Most Decadent Brownie Recipes Ever

There’s nothing like ooey gooey fudge brownies on a Sunday afternoon, after a long day of relaxed baking in the kitchen. Brownies are most certainly a crowd favourite, with the decadent nature of the sweet chocolate delight transgressing to ice cream flavours, chocolate flavours, yoghurt toppings and more. People have even noticed the beauty of brownie batter as a dessert in itself, much like our favourite cookie dough and cake batter. 

Brownies are most certainly a work of art. The best kind of brownie is one with a bitey top layer, an ooey gooey centre, but holds well together when pulled apart from the rest of the brownie slice. Paired with a glass of milk on a Sunday evening, or shared among friends during a gorgeous sunshine picnic in the park, brownies are the ultimate decadent chocolate dessert or snack that don’t leave you feeling overly full or stuffed, but simply content to satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

And while there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned chocolate fudge brownie, with chocolate frosting coated on top, there are multiple ways to adapt the traditional brownie recipe that will make your heart truly sing. From traditional cake flavours to colourful adaptations, these brownie recipes are something truly special and unique that you’ll most certainly wish to make for your next baking adventure. 


1. Chocolate Fudge Caramel Brownies

We’ve already established that we all love a good old ooey gooey brownie with a fudgey centre that takes like something dropped from heaven. And why not add to that incredible satisfaction by adding some true caramel fudge to the centre of your brownies? 

In this brilliant chocolate fudge caramel brownie recipe from I Heart Nap Time, a beautifully smooth caramel is added as a middle layer to the brownie batter once spread across the pan, and baked to perfection once ready. Adding caramel to the traditional chocolate brownie recipe uplifts the traditional recipe, creating a new level of satisfaction and indulgence for anyone eating them. Quick, easy, and loaded with bitey chocolate chips for an increased sense of pleasure, these are the perfect caramel and chocolate combined recipe. 


2. Chocolate Mint Brownies

Chocolate and mint is like some kind of strange match made in heaven. Whoever thought of combining the sharp flavour of mint with the caffeinated flavour of chocolate was both crazy and somewhat a complete genius. Take mint flavoured chocolate, thin mint cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream. These are all such brilliant inventions brought upon by the pairing of mint and chocolate. 

So why not implement this gorgeous flavour combination into a brownie recipe? To set the wheels in motion, these chocolate mint brownies from Emilie Eats are the perfect combination of decadent chocolate and powerful flavour of mint. They are ooey gooey, fudgey, and best of all? They are also gluten free and vegan if that’s also important to you. And to really remind you of the mint that is present in these brownies, the creator uses a gorgeous coconut mint frosting to cover these beautiful brownies. So stunning. 


3. Cookie and Cream Oreo Brownies

Yes, of course. Cookies and cream has become a somewhat staple flavour across all desserts, and we are not complaining on any level. Traditionally made with crushed up pieces of our favourite Oreo cookies and vanilla cream, this is our comfort food across all areas. 

If the phrase ‘dark horse’ could be a brownie flavour, then it would definitely resemble some Oreo brownies. And these cookies and cream oreo brownies from Life Love and Sugar are doubly perfect because they are both fudgey and gooey, and they topped with a gorgeous, hearty layer of Oreo filled white chocolate frosting. This makes them all that more decadent and delightful, and we’re sure you’ll love baking these just as much as we enjoy just gawking at their photos. 


4. Red Velvet Brownies

Red Velvet is another cake flavour that has completely captured the hearts of everyone. Reminding us of Alice in Wonderland tea parties, red velvet cakes, cupcakes and in this case brownies, look like they need to served properly at the tea table, under the order of the Queen of Hearts. 

These red velvet brownies from The Recipe Critic look absolutely divine also – they look like something out of a classic children’s book and made prominent by the world of fairy tales. Red velvet is usually made with a chocolate base, and dipped with red dye to create that gorgeous red colour across. The flavour is usually topped with cream cheese frosting, and this just adds to the experience of consuming red velvet. And with a fudgey centre like this brownie recipe has, this is decadent consumption for all. 

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5. S’mores Brownies

Yes, we all absolutely adore s’mores. That campfire scent across the roasted marshmallows, wedged on top of dark chocolate pieces, nuts and graham crackers, s’mores are just a staple at the campfire. And put together to create a decadent brownie recipe? Um, yes please. 

This s’mores brownie recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread is the perfect combination of a guaranteed fudgey brownie recipe with the all the glories and magic powers of s’mores. The marshmallows are placed on top of the brownie base to create that true roasted look on the top, and stands on top of a graham cracker base, making this a s’mores partner in crime. We are salivating just at the photos. 


6. Moonies (Chocolate Mousse Brownies)

You really can’t go wrong with decadence when you settle for chocolate mousse. Chocolate mousse is literally like licking and scooping up a bowl of chocolate heaven. With not many other ingredients besides thickened cream and chocolate, it’s no wonder we all just adore chocolate mousse so much. It’s creamy, thick and so delightfully rich but enjoyable, you really can’t fault this dessert. 

And why not use chocolate mousse as a topping for your favourite chocolate brownies with this ‘Moonies’ recipe from Recipes For Dinners, Dishes and Desserts? This recipe combines two classic chocolate decadence recipes, brownies and mousse, into just one to make a chocolate lover’s dream. 


Will you be trying any of these brownies recipes? Let us know in the comments down below!

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