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The Most Basic Sweatshirts That Are Cozy And Trendy

The Most Basic Sweatshirts That Are Cozy And Trendy

We all have those days where we want to look cute but also feel like our energy deprived bodies need to wear something that’s ultra cozy. And who’s to say we have to make a sacrifice in the never ending battle of looks vs. comfort?

When it comes to sweatshirts, there are so many trendy styles you can try that don’t force you to make a decision on that front. Even the most basic sweatshirts serve their purpose, and I’m out here with some options you will definitely want to get your hands on this season. From tie dye to band inspired, it’s all just a question of which look (or looks) speaks to you.

Tie Dye Hoodies

PacSun has always been my go-to for easy summer style, but also for basic sweatshirts. I like having the options of both ambiguous and branded styles, and while PacSun can sometimes be a bit pricey for its quality, I think it’s fair to splurge on one or two pieces just for the sake of its label. We do live in a material world, after all.


I have an oddly specific fashion fetish for wearing light-colored sweatshirts in the summer when my skin gets freckled and tanned. And in two different tie dye options, this Playboy By PacSun hoodie satisfies that craving. It’s the perfect sweatshirt for those lazy summer days when my only responsibility is soaking up some sunshine, and although both looks have matching sweat shorts, I think they would also look cute with jean shorts or leggings.  


Shifting gears, anything and everything Vans finds its way into my closet, so I’m totally obsessed with this cropped tie dye hoodie. Its 80% cotton (aka super soft), but it’s lightweight enough that you could wear something over it if you’re into layering. With a pair of ripped jeans  and Vans shoes to match, there’s no way not to look cool in this piece. 

Sporty Sweats

Some people wear athletic brand sweatshirts with big logos plastered on them because of the fact that they are athletes, while others are posers who want you to think that Pure Barre is an extreme sport. I’d say I fall somewhere in between. While I am fairly athletic, I’m also a sucker for brands like adidas and Nike for the sake of their novelty. And for that, I’m a basic bitch.


Three quarter zips honestly make me feel like a goddess, and I think it’s because they give the false impression that you put effort into your outfit when the reality is that you haven’t changed out of what you slept in the night before. Plus, three quarter zips are an easy fit on any body type, so you’ll be sure to get a major confidence boost while you’re wearing one. This Nike Sportswear Heritage three quarter zip is the ideal sweatshirt of its kind; it’s retro casual and makes for great athlesuire-ware, so you can rock it in either sweats or jeans.

As for adidas, everyone needs a go-to piece for their casual clout-fit and you’ll find that in this basic sweatshirt. If you’ve got one of these, you can take on the world. It’s also cropped, giving you leeway on which season you choose to wear it in. And there’s no need to rush – the Cropped Hoodie is an adidas staple, so it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 


Band Merch

My mom has a rule that you can’t wear a band’s merch if you can’t name more than three of their songs, and I fully subscribe to that. However, I totally get wanting to wear a band logo for the sake of “it’s just cute.” That said, band sweatshirts are THE basic sweatshirts. And I love them with all my heart. 

This Rolling Stones distressed crewneck from Urban Outfitters is exactly what I’m talking about. The Stones are in my top three favorite groups, and I get pretty annoyed when I see people wearing their merch when I know they have no clue who they are. But that tongue is so iconic that it’s kind of hard to blame them, and distressed fabric is a look and a half. Ripped jeans, checkered pants, or even a babydoll dress would look adorable with this easy piece, so it’s definitely something you should consider copping. 

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The Nirvana smiley face is another super iconic band logo that works its way into everyone’s wardrobe, so again, this is a basic sweatshirt. BUT – it’s also faded and distressed, and grunge is a good vibe for those days you really just don’t want to interact with people but want empty compliments on your fit. Which for me is frequently. 



The most basic of basic sweatshirts: oversized. But hey, who DOESN’T love cuddling up in one of these on lazy days or for quick coffee runs? The oversized sweatshirt look is super comfy and super trendy, so no wonder it has become such a craze in the past few months. Channel your inner Ariana Grande and roll up in one of these – with or without pants, depending on how bold you’re feeling.

H&M actually has an amazing collection of basics, and their basic sweatshirts are particularly cute and cozy. This oversized hoodie comes in a few different neutral tones, making it a good foundation for funky leggings or brightly colored trainers. No matter which one you like the most, it will literally match anything. And the best part is that if you’re not into this look, nothing you find from H&M will kill your wallet because it’s generally budget friendly, so, happy shopping!


If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one article of clothing, it would be this Madewell Oversized Sweatshirt in Faded Neon. Madewell has some amazing pieces, and their sweatshirts especially are worth every penny. I love how soft this basic sweatshirt is, and it’s incredibly versatile. It’s also oversized without swallowing you up and making you look like a literal peanut.

Which basic sweatshirt trend is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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