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The Most Bangable Bachelors Of All Time

The Most Bangable Bachelors Of All Time

Watching The Bachelor is really only good for two things. One, picking out your future prom dress, because hello they all wear such beautiful gowns. Two, picking out your future husband! Even if you don’t find the men of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series to be marriage material, you have to admit they are usually pretty bangable. Before we get too far into this list and start planing our fantasy weddings, let’s take a moment to appreciate the girlfriends and wives of these men. They do get to bang them on the regular, but they still let us fantasize about it, so they deserve our respect.

Jordan Rodgers

Jordan Rodgers is one of those Bachelors where you almost want him to lose because you want him to remain single. Yes, you want him to find true love, but couldn’t it be with you instead of Jojo Fletcher? We’re all lying to ourselves though if we think we would have a shot with him if it wasn’t for Jojo. The two were meant to be since the season 12 premiere of The Bachelorette. Yes, she had so many guys to chose from, most are on this list, but Jojo Fletcher couldn’t keep her hands off Jordan. Who can blame her, have you seen him? The only thing that makes this Bachelor more bangable is that is Instagram is 90% photos of him and his fiance. What is sexier than a guy who knows the importance of a good selfie?


Wells Adams

Do you recognize Wells Adams? It’s might be from when he was one of the season 12 Bachelors when he made it to the top 8 of Jojo Fletchers season. There is a better chance though that you recognize this brown-eyed cutie from his job as the bartender on the Bachelor in Paradice. Wells Adams is one of the only Bachelors you would want to date in real life. He can Swing drinks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail and chose to stay on the bachelor series without settling into the drama. I hate to let you down though, he’s engaged, to Sarah Hyland. Yeah, the hot older sister on Modern Family. I’m upset about it too!

Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins had one of the most entertaining seasons of The Bachelor ever. It was filled with love, hate, drama, sparkly dresses and a very good looking man in the centre of it all. There wasn’t one moment that wasn’t filled with entertainment. Yes, he told both girls he loved them and then only proposed to one, but Jojo Fletcher is doing fine without him, so I think it’s okay to call Ben Higgins bangable. 


Travis Stork

Sorry, Patrick Dempsey you only played a hot doctor on TV, Travis Stork is the real deal! Most of the Bachelors have amazing careers, except for the 90% of them that identify as ‘entrepreneurs.’ Look I’m all for chasing your dreams, but I ain’t your mama and I will not be supporting your ice selling business. Travis Stork’s career as a doctor proves that man has goals, which is the most bangable thing about him, besides his hot face and perfect body.


Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka is the pilot we all wish we could join the mile high club with. Talk about bangable Bachelors having sexy careers. Jake Pavelka’s history on The Bachelor was more than a little dramatic. Break-ups, make-ups and divorce have followed him around ever since he handed out his final rose. Jake Pavelka may have the Taylor Swift problem we are all so familiar with, he doesn’t love the drama, the drama loves him. He’s still pretty cute though, blonde adults are hard to find.

Nick Viall

Nick Viall is like a virus that just keeps coming back, no amount of medicated ointment can get rid of him, but in like a sexy way. Nick Viall has been runner up twice on The Bachelorette, he has competed on Bachelor in Paradise, and has gone home alone, then he was finally given a chance to find love once and for all on The Bachelor. Nick Viall had 30 women, five more than the average Bachelor to chose from, and still did not find love. What the fuck? Seriously, Nick, you’re totally bangable, but I want more than a pretty face, I want commitment out of you.

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Chad Johnson

Every show needs a villain and Chad Johnson is The Bachelor’s best villain! Chad Johnson was one of the best Bachelors to this day, and I honestly think everyone else was just too hard on him. All he wanted was to eat food, and they called him a meathead. If he worked out, they accused him of steroid usage. Since when is it a crime to eat a lot and work out, have you seen The Rock? The man just couldn’t win! Chad is really just misunderstood and I think he would probably let me eat steak in bed, and that would be awesome.  


Jed Wyatt

Jed Wyatt really took us on a roller coaster ride of emotions during the fifteenth season of The Bachelorette. His guitar, sexy voice, big romantic gestures convinced us all that he was worthy of Southern Belle Hannah Brown. Don’t worry Hannah, he tricked me too! Turns out that even a rat can carry a tune. I think we were all a little crushed when we found out that Jed Wyat had a secret girlfriend. There is one problem with hating this bachelor though…He’s just so freaking hot! It’s frankly unfair that someone this good looking could also be this bad. We can only hope that he is making strides to become a person with a more bangable personality.  


Love may come and go on the Bachelor, relationships will end just as quickly as they started, but one thing is for certain, these Bachelors will always be bangable to me. Which of the Bachelors do you find the most bangable? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: Jordan Rodgers Official Instagram