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The Most Appropriate Dogs Breeds To Own In San Diego

The Most Appropriate Dogs Breeds To Own In San Diego

San Diego is among the best cities in the United States for any dog breed to thrive! But each specific breed requires its own level of maintenance, so some dog breeds might naturally be suited for the San Diego climate better than others. If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for a dog with little to no extra work, here are the most appropriate breeds to consider!  

1. Boxers

For a dog breed like this, a Boxer’s minimal grooming standards and thin coat make it a great dog to own in the San Diego area! San Diego rarely gets extreme weather, so Boxers can fit right in this great city. Only when it gets really hot would a Boxer owner need to be concerned. But give the Boxer shade and water and it’ll be thriving in no time!

Boxers are full of life and energy that San Diego, what with all its diverse landscapes and attractions, was practically built to appease them! The Boxer breed requires large, open spaces to run and play, and San Diego is the perfect city with its plethora of parks to call this a Boxer paradise!


2. Chihuahuas

Being so close to the San Ysidro Port of Entry, households all across San Diego county hold a significant adoration for the Chihuahua! They’re already so cute and super portable, but what’s the appeal? Well, for one, Chihuahuas are symbols of Mexican heritage! San Diego is home to a vast residency of Chicano citizens who in turn house this beloved breed and icon of their national heritage!

Sure, Chihuahuas are known to yap constantly, but do they really do anything besides yap your ears off? Nothing serious, that’s for sure!


3. Dalmatians

Dalmatians have proven to be a popular dog breed of choice in the San Diego county area. What’s not to love about these dogs? They have spots, they’re synonymous with firefighters, and they have a whole Disney movie based around them!

Dalmatians have very little grooming difficulties, so the San Diego weather would not deter or affect this breed very much! A naturally playful breed, San Diegans just love meeting these dogs wherever they can, and Dalmatians, in turn, love to meet new friends!


4. Rottweilers

Rottweilers admittedly have a bad reputation amongst people for being violent, highly antagonistic breeds. However, that description couldn’t be farther from the truth! Rottweilers aren’t particularly fostered in aggression, instead, it’s nurture that overtakes their naturally playful and loyal dispositions!

Regardless of their controversy, Rottweilers are a popular dog breed in San Diego, so they’re bound to be at home with their own kind in this city!

5. Pit Bulls

If you thought Rottweilers had a bad reputation, consider the Pit Bull’s image! This entry does not reflect any factual support or native preference for the breed to thrive in San Diego, but Pit Bulls have gotten such an unfair reputation that they’re even banned in all the United Kingdom! 


If the UK won’t accept these natural sweethearts, why not raise awareness for them in San Diego? They’re good dogs. Brave, loyal and definitely not what their popular image makes them out to be!

6. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Corgis have recently been enjoying a sort of renaissance in their popularity thanks in no small part to the internet and its wildly immersive humor. The Welsh Corgi is a popular breed not just in San Diego, but practically everywhere in the United States! Corgis owe a lot of their charm to their pleasant demeanor, their cute shape, and their boundless optimism.


Corgis live to serve and delight people so naturally San Diego just loves them! If there’s a dog breed on the opposite spectrum against the Pit Bull’s infamous reputation, the Corgi definitely sits on the favored side.

7. Pugs

Pugs! What’s there left to say of these small lap dogs that the internet already hasn’t said, meme’d, or shared? Pugs are a short, accident-prone, somewhat ugly breed of dog that somehow turns those negatives into positives for themselves! They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re not at all threatening. San Diegans can’t get enough of these adorable little scrappers!

A pug requires very little in the way of grooming as they are naturally suited to San Diego’s warm weather. But, they do require a lot of supervision, attention, and care!

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8. Beagles

Beagles are a popular breed in San Diego for no other reason than they’re a dog’s dog. Beagles dig, they bark at strangers, they chase cars, they dig, fight cats, dig, and they’re loyal guard dogs. Oh, and did we forget to mention that they dig? Because they do that. They may not be big dogs, but their personality and courage rival that of any mastiff on any day.


What really makes beagles so popular in San Diego, however, is their natural affinity for the outdoors. San Diego, being a large city, boasts a number of parks, outdoor activities, and wilderness to satiate this dog’s extroverted tendencies!

9. French Bulldogs

The Bulldog isn’t the best looker, but what they lack in image, they make up for in personality. San Diego stores thousands of apartments all across its county, which means families looking for companionship often turn to the French Bulldog as their choice.

The French Bulldog requires little exercise, they’re easy to groom, and they’re great in San Diego’s climate! They’re great companion dogs that prove themselves a loyal breed.


10. Labrador Retrievers

Last, but not least, the Labrador Retriever makes it as our last entry on this list because… well, come on, they’re Labrador Retrievers. It’d be surprising if they didn’t make it on a list of popular or most acceptable dog breeds to own in any city. 

What makes Labradors so well-beloved is their sheer “live to serve” attitude. They’re the embodiment of man’s best friend, which means you can take them hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, and sporting with you! Their multi-talented skillset means they can be taken anywhere in San Diego and still find a place for themselves!


What dog breed do you own in the San Diego area? Tell us how they’re flourishing in the comment section below!

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