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The Morning Routine You Should Adopt ASAP

The Morning Routine You Should Adopt ASAP

The Morning Routine You Should Adopt ASAP

Mornings. They’re either your best friend or worst enemy. If you look forward to mornings and have no trouble actually getting out of bed when your alarm goes off, then you’ve mastered something many of us still struggle with. Whether you like mornings or not, it’s still important that you get out of bed and start your day off right. Lack of sleep could set off your entire day and put you in a bad mood before that day has even started. It’s also important that you do certain things in preparation for a good day. They are all very simple and predictable but we somehow still forget to do them. Here is the morning routine you should adopt ASAP!

1. Snooze Your Alarm And Get Up

Don’t forget to set your alarm the night before. This will help you avoid that mini heart attack you get when you notice the clock and realize you only have ten 10 minutes to get ready. Also, once your alarm goes off get up right away. Don’t try to go back to sleep because that’s a dangerous game to play.

2. Give Yourself Time To Fully Wake Up

Your morning routine should always begin with actually waking up. If you absolutely need to lay in bed and take your time waking up, then allow yourself that. But be careful trying not to fall asleep!


3. Wake Your Body Up

Once you are awake, don’t jump out of bed and start running around immediately. Instead, wake your body up. Just like how you lie in bed and mentally prepare yourself for the day, you need to allow your body to do the same. Sit up in your bed and stretch out your back. Give your body time to adjust itself sitting up and eventually standing after laying flat for 7-8 hours!

4. Drink Water

With so many sources telling you different information about how much water you should drink in the morning it can get confusing. However, one thing is for sure; it’s important that you do. 8 hours of no liquids take a toll on your body, so try drinking 1-2 tall glasses of water right after waking up!

5. Brush Your Teeth

The essential part of a morning routine. We all know how bad morning breath is, so after drinking water brush your teeth right away!


6. Exercise

You don’t have to go crazy and wild with your workout in the morning. Try doing at least 10- 15 minutes of exercise whether it’s yoga, or running, to wake your body up. Stretch out those muscles and get energized!

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7. Shower

Another thing that doesn’t have to take a long time! Showering helps you feel fresh and awake. It can also help restart your attitude, and outlook on life if you had a bad night. After all, today is a new day!


8. Do Your Skincare

Never skip your skincare routine! Your skin will only improve if you stick to it. So cleanse, tone and moisture or however you choose to do your skincare, but at the very least apply a moisturizer. After 8 hours of dehydration, your skin especially needs it!

9. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is without a doubt the most important meal of the day. Think about it, you haven’t had anything to eat or drink for 8 hours. Plus, continuing to deprive your body of sustenance will leave you feeling run down and tired after only 10 a.m. Nobody likes a hangry co-worker either!

What is your morning routine? Comment below!

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