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14 Reasons Why Being The Middle Child Isn’t So Bad

14 Reasons Why Being The Middle Child Isn’t So Bad

14 Reasons Why Being The Middle Child Isn't So Bad

Some may say that being the middle child totally sucks. Half the time you are forgotten about and the other half of the time you are being blamed for something the older sibling or the younger sibling has done. Regardless of the terrible reputation middle children get, we have it pretty awesome, and here’s why.

1. You’re I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

You might not be the “natural born leader” that your older sibling was but you’re also not the follower that your younger sibling is. You do what you want, when you want, and you won’t care what people say about it.


2. You Can Go Unnoticed at Family Gatherings

You don’t want to talk to the annoying aunt? That’s totally fine because no one will notice if you sneak off to get dessert early.

3. You Will Never Experience Having No Siblings at Home

Just imagine being stuck at home with mom and dad and no one else. Don’t worry, your younger sibling will get all the love and attention (what’s new) when you leave.


4. Your Older Sibling Tests the Waters for You

You silently learned your parents ground rules by watching your older sibling get in trouble for staying out past curfew. For once they get to take the blame. Thanks guys!

5. You Could be the next President

Fun fact: 52% of presidents have been middle children. I guess Trump should have said, “Let middle children make America great again”.


6. You Always Have Someone Looking Up at You and Down on You

While younger siblings can be annoying, we will always look out for them. And we always have our older sibling to look out for us!

7. You Don’t Mind Living on the Wild Side

Middle children seem to be a little more rebellious than everyone else. I guess we really take the whole “you only live once” thing seriously.


8. You Will Never Have an Empty Closet

It might take two years for your older sibling to clean out their closet and give you that shirt you have been eyeing but it will always be worth the wait.

9. Your Humor Will Always Brighten Someone’s Day

Every middle child seems to have some sense of humor. Whether it be knock-knock jokes or a pun, people rely on you to make them laugh…I’m not joking about this.


10. You are a Great Persuader

“But mom you let her get her ears pierced when she was eight so why should it be any different for me?”

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11. You Will Always Have a Backup Career as a Story Teller

Have you ever tried to tell a short story and it ends up taking two hours because same.


12. Your Family Literally Could Not Function Without You

You are the one who helps with the younger sibling, keeps the oldest and the youngest from arguing, and helps your parents remember that you exist.


13. You Have so Much Freedom

Failed a math quiz, it’s okay no one will notice. Since your mom and dad turn all of their attention towards the other siblings, it’s easy to do your own thing.

14. You Are Always Front and Center for Family Photos

In just about every picture with your siblings, you will end up in the middle, just like in life. So, make sure to smile pretty.

Some may still not be convinced that being the middle child totally doesn’t suck. But, if you look at it from the perspective of an oreo, everyone’s favorite is the middle.

What are some other perks of being the middle child? Let us know down below!
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