The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

“I love you.” Everybody wants to hear someone say those three words to them. Whether it is romantically or not. Some people think the only way to say those three words is like that. It is not. There are hundreds of ways to say the famous three-word sentence. You may not hear someone say it to you exactly like that. Someone may say it in another form you were not expecting. To better explain the different ways to say “I love you,” here is a list of the varying ways the three-word-sentence can be said. 

1. “Good Morning” or “Good Night”

A “good morning” kiss or text message is just the way to wake up feeling loved. The same thing can be said when someone receives a goodnight kiss or a goodnight text message before they go to sleep. When you get a good morning or good night text message, it means that the said person who sent you the message woke up thinking about you, or you were the last thing on that person’s mind before they went to sleep. To some people, that is not a direct message of someone saying they love you. I say otherwise.

2. Be There For Them

Nothing says “I love you,” like always being there for that said person. Whether it is attending their work-related event, showing up at their door after they called you in tears, spending the night at their place to make sure they know that they are not alone, or sitting at their bedside all night long at the hospital.


The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

3. “Have A Great Day!”

Whether it’s a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon, wishing someone to have a great day is nothing short of an “I love you.” When someone tells you to have a great day, it means they genuinely wish you the best. They want to make sure you know that they hope nothing will tear down your smile for that day because you deserve to always smile. 

4. Write Them A Note

Grab a pen, a sticky note or notepad, and write a note of any kind. Whether it is placed inside their pockets, lunch, purse, or on a surface where you know they will see it before they leave, a simple note saying “You’re beautiful,” “I love you,” “Smile,” or “Have a wonderful day,” never fails to make the said person smile, or feel treasured. It’s simple, easy, and adds the right touch to make anyone feel loved, before leaving for their day.


The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

5. “Drive Safe”

Telling someone you love to drive safe, is not commonly seen as a form of saying “I love you.” I don’t know why. When someone tells you to drive safely, it means that the said person wants to make sure you get home safe and sound. That they want nothing to happen to you.

6. Just Cause

Getting a “just cause,” gift is something everyone knows translates into the said person loves them. Not necessarily because the person got them a gift, but because that said person thought of them upon seeing the product.


The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

7. “Call Me When You Get There”

Back to “drive safe.” After making the statement of telling the other to drive safe, it is natural for the person to follow up with a “call me when you get there.” Again, whether it is a simple drive back home, walking down the street, or boarding a flight to a different state, the person who said the statement is clearly concerned for your safety and well-being. So, when they tell you to call them when you get there, it means they would love nothing more than to know you arrived at your destination, safe and sound. 

8. Give Them Forehead Kisses

Giving someone a kiss is a general thing to do when trying to let them know that you love them. However, when someone gives you a forehead kiss, not only does it mean they love you, care about you, and will do anything for you, but that they respect you, hold you in high esteem, and that they will protect you no matter what. It’s a kiss of comfort. Reassuring the other that they are not going anywhere soon.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

9. Make Them Coffee or Dinner

Making sure the one you love feels loved isn’t only about saying the right things to them. It is also about doing things for them. One way to tell that you love them is to make the coffee before they head out to work. Better yet, cook dinner for them when you know they will get home late. It’s little things like that that can say more than “I love you.”

10. Hold Their Hands

Holding hands is one of the most desired ways to tell someone that you love them. Not only does it bring them comfort, but it also says something about you. That you are not afraid to show the world that you love the said person hold your hand and that they are yours.  

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

11. Cover Them

Another desired way to tell someone you love them is to cover them. Not only does doing this demonstrate that you are thinking about them, but that you are prioritizing their safety and well-being over your own. Whether it is raining outside and there is only enough room for one person under the umbrella, or it’s cold in the living room and there is only one blanket. You prioritize them over yourself. If that doesn’t speak volume to “I love you,” then I don’t know what does. 

12. Surprise Them

Everyone loves surprises. If you are one of the few that doesn’t, then I’m sorry. However, whether it is a simple hug from behind, a surprise birthday party, or date night surprising the one you love speaks soundly. It shows the said person that you went out of your way to do and plan something special for them. That you love them that much to want to do something like that, for them.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

13. Do Things With Them

If you truly love someone you will always want to do things with them. Whether it is cooking, watching a movie, dancing in the kitchen, or taking trips together. The list can go, but the point is that if you do things willingly with them, then they are bound to recognize your love for them.

14. Go With Them

When your significant other is going to Target, Walmart, or the gas station to pick up a few things, go with them. Maybe the two of you will make a date out of it, or maybe the two of you will behave like your goofy selves, with one person in the cart and the other pushing it. When you offer to go with them to run their errand(s), it shows that you want to be with them. That you want to be at their side.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

15. Help Them

Like covering them, helping the one you love speaks volumes. By offering or deciding to help out your significant other, you prove that you’re willing to prioritize their needs and wants over yours. Helping them out could mean several things. It could mean emptying the dishwasher, folding the laundry, or picking up dinner. It could also mean doing something a little more complex, like helping them clean their place, getting out of bed, or driving them to an appointment because they can’t drive themselves.

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16. Hold Them

Holding the one you love in your arms is one of the greatest ways to show and tell them that you love them. When you are holding the said person, you are affirming that they are your world. They are everything you need and love.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

17. Take Care Of Them

Taking care of the one you love is significant. If they are not feeling good, are sick, or were involved in an accident, most of the time they will need help and someone to take care of them because they are unable to do so. Whatever the situation may be with your significant other, be sure to take care of them. They can no longer take care of themselves, for whatever reason. They need someone to depend on. When you take care of them, not only are you demonstrating your dependability but that you continue to love them. Even in the state, they are in.

18. Hug Them

Giving the one you love a long and tight hug can prove many things. One of the top things it proves is how much you love them. The longer the hug is, the more they love you. The tighter the hug is, the more they have missed you. 

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

19. Give Something Up For Them

Giving something up for the one you love, whether it is a habit, a job, an opportunity, time, or a lifestyle, speaks immeasurable things. One of them is that you love that person so much you are willing to sacrifice something of yours, whatever it is, to be with that person. 

20. Make Them Smile

Making someone laugh or smile is a general thing you should do or at least aim to do, in regards to showing the one you love that you love them. Whether they’ve had a bad day or a rough week, you want to make that said person smile. Once you’ve got them smiling you can point out how beautiful they are with that smile. One of the many things you love about them.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”


21. Look At Them

One of the best things you can do to make sure the one you love knows that you love them is to just look at them. Look at them when they’re talking to you. Look at them when they walk through the door. Look at them when they’ve fallen asleep (don’t be creepy about it). Any chance you get to catch a glimpse of them or look at them, make sure you take up the opportunity. When you are looking at the one you love, you are proving to them that you see them. All of them. Their flaws, achievements, past, scars, strengths, weaknesses. You see what they are capable of. You see them for who they are, and yet you still love every ounce of them.

22. Remind Them

Lastly, remind your significant other about your love for them. Whether it is through a small act (a kiss on the back of their hand, telling them that you love them, or giving them the longest and most meaningful hug), or a big one. Remind them that you cherish every moment spent with them. That they are your world. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of how much we are loved.

The Many Ways To Say “I Love You”

How do you say “I love you?” Let us know in the comments below.

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