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The Man I Marry Better Be Like My Dad

The Man I Marry Better Be Like My Dad

Some of us are lucky enough to be raised by amazing fathers while growing up, and that's why I hope the man I marry will be just as amazing as my dad!

The man I marry better be like my dad. Wait…that sounds weird. Let me clarify: Do I want to marry someone who snores louder than a TV on full blast? No. Do I want to marry someone who considers pizza one of the major food groups? No. Do I want to marry someone who wears overalls every single day? Definitely not (but my dad rocks his.) I don’t want to marry an exact replica of my dad. That would be weird. However, there are so many amazing things about my dad that I do want to find in a future spouse. The man I marry better be like my dad because…

1. He works hard.

My dad works harder than anyone I have ever known. When things weren’t so great, he worked hard to provide for me. When things were going good, he worked harder to make sure that we didn’t have to go through hard times again. I know my dad works this hard because he loves me and wants to give me everything I need. The man I marry should work hard like my dad. He should work hard because he is driven and wants to meet his goals. He should work hard out of love. Not only to provide for me but for our family.

2. He is patient.

When I don’t call or text back right away. When I don’t come home to visit even though he misses me and keeps asking when I’ll be home. Even when I go over my budget and have to ask for help (time and time again…sorry Daddy, ily.) He is patient. The man I marry better be patient like my dad. Patient when I can’t decide what to wear so I make us an hour late to the party. Patient when I don’t know what I want to eat so I make him wait to eat dinner. Patient when things aren’t going the way we planned. Patient when we’re apart. Patient especially when I’m being hard to love.


3. He loves me even when I am wrong.

My dad has let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. He has always loved me, even when I did wrong. When I got into a fight with my friends, he loved me even if I was in the wrong. He showed me how to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and still loved me when I was wrong… The man I marry better love me, even when I am wrong. Fights are bound to happen, and I can guarantee, I’ll start them over nothing. I will be wrong sometimes, but the man I marry better love me, just like my dad did, even when I am the one in the wrong.

4. He prays for me.

For 22 years, my dad has prayed for me. Every. Single. Day. When I am feeling at my lowest, I know that my dad prays for me and thanks God for me. When I am at a high and feel like I am making great decisions, my dad reminds me to pray about it because he is praying for me. The man I marry better pray for me. He better pray for us, for our future, for our family. I can’t imagine marrying a man who doesn’t pray for me like my dad does.

5. He is my biggest fan.

From high school sports to tough college classes, my dad has always been my number one cheerleader. He has supported me through my ups and downs, and helped me through all of my tough life decisions. The man I marry better be my biggest fan. He should be supportive when I am making decisions. He should encourage me in everything I do. He should be excited for all of my accomplishments, just like I will be excited for his. He better be my second biggest fan though…because my dad will always be my number one.

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Thanks for being the best, Dad. I hope I can find someone half as awesome as you are 🙂

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