The Luke P. Show; Top 10 Luke P. Moments From The Bachelorette Heading Into The Men Tell All

As each episode of The Bachelorette this season went on, viewers saw how Luke P. became the villain (and probably one of the franchise’s most iconic villains ever). He got into fights with almost every guy and was the source of drama. He’s dominated the storyline in the bachelorette’s journey to finding love in a way villains of past seasons haven’t done so. Despite displaying signs of toxic masculinity and indicators of an emotionally abusive relationship, Hannah B. still gave him a rose week after week due to feeling a strong connection with him, until he was dramatically sent home during the overnight dates (finishing fourth overall and explained more in detail at #1).

The Men Tell All episode airs July 22nd and it’ll be the first time the guys (minus the final three (Peter, Jed, and Tyler C.), who aren’t allowed to attend) and Hannah B. will get to confront Luke for his actions. Here are the Top 10 Luke P. moments heading into The Men Tell All

10. Luke P.’s Limo Entrance:

Luke P. was one of the five (and the first one and on the far left in the photo below) men that Hannah B. got to meet on AFTR of Colton’s Season of The Bachelor. Despite this ‘advantage’, he and the other 4 lucky guys (Connor S., Dustin, Luke S., and Cam) still had to do their limo entrances like the other men (and all past Bachelorette contestants) at The Bachelor Mansion. Going along the lines of Hannah B’s nickname on Colton’s season (‘The Beast”), he decided for his limo entrance to climb (at 4:38 in the video below) out of the limo’s sunroof and let out a roar, which made viewers back home cringe, including former Bachelor Nick Viall. 


The Luke P. Show; Top 10 Luke P. Moments From The Bachelorette Heading Into The Men Tell All

9. Luke P. Declares He’s In Love With Hannah B. on Week 2!:

Luke P. was one of 8 guys who got to go on the first group date (and first date of the season) of Week 2. The guys competed in the “Mr. Right” competition, a male beauty pageant. Some of the highlights of the pageant included Mike twerking at the end of his runway walk for the swimsuit competition; and Jed singing an original song and John Paul Jones riding a unicycle during the talent portion.

However, the main thing from the pageant that got viewers talking on social media was Luke P’s talent:  Professing to Hannah B. that “[He was] genuinely starting to fall in love with [her],”. He said this only 48 hours after meeting Hannah B., causing social media to go crazy over how abnormal it was to declare his love so early in the show. The other guys became skeptical over Luke P.’s intentions. Contestant Dylan Barbour’s reaction (0:11-0:13 in the video below) to Luke P.’s declaration represented viewers’ reactions as well. 


8. Luke P.’s Behavior during the second Group Date of Week 3: 

For Week 3, the controversial suitor was on another group date (the second one of that week). The guys on that group date took part in a photoshoot with animals to promote the film Secret Life of Pets 2. Each guy got assigned an animal to pose with and also got take photos with Hannah B. too.

Luke P., who had already taken his photos, got instantly jealous when Hannah B. started kissing contestant Peter Weber during the pilot’s takes. As a result, he interrupted Dylan’s turn in order to get more photos with the bachelorette on his shoulders. After the photoshoot was over, he tried to follow her back into her dressing room, only to be rejected. At the cocktail party, he tried to interrupt Devin Harris’s one-on-one time with Hannah B. and tried to cut Peter off. This led to Hannah B., who was getting irritated with Luke P.’s need to showboat their relationship in front of the other guys and his clinginess, to address his behavior. 


The Luke P. Show; Top 10 Luke P. Moments From The Bachelorette Heading Into The Men Tell All

7. The Aftermath of Luke P.’s One-on-One Date & Cocktail Party Week 5 :

The villain finally got his first one-on-one date with Hannah B. on Week 5 and the couple went walking around the Scottish scenery. After talking about his character and intentions (due to the rugby group date drama, explained more in detail at #6) during the dinner portion, the bachelorette decided to initially send him home (which happens if you don’t get a rose on a one-on-one date). However, Luke P. returned and somehow managed to convince Hannah B. to let him stay (he still didn’t get the rose though).

The other guys voiced their concerns that the only way Luke P. convinced Hannah B. to allow him to stay was by bringing up the other men’s names into their conversation. They refused to believe Luke P.’s claims that he didn’t (he did). This sparked a huge fight during the Week 5 cocktail party. Hannah B. overheard all the yelling during her conversation with Connor S. and came into the room where the rest of the men were and berated them for their petty arguing. During her rant, she told all of the men to stay in their lanes and left room breaking down into tears.


6. Luke P. vs. Luke S. Rugby Date Week 4:

Although Luke P.’s earlier antics irritated fans and the other men, the incident that earned him so much hate from his fellow contestants and the majority of fans was his behavior during the Week 4 group date. All of the guys left (minus Jed and Tyler C., who got the two one-on-one dates for Week 4) were on the date and played rugby. During the game, all the guys’ noticed Luke P.’s aggressiveness and the drama started when Luke P. body-slammed and kneed Luke S. in the head. When Luke S. and the others confronted him, Luke P. claimed it was self-defense, but none of the other guys bought it. Mike called Luke P. a ‘psychopath’.

The drama between the two Luke’s escalated during both the group date cocktail party and the rose ceremony cocktail party where both Luke’s argued with each other and the bachelorette had to pull both men asides at each party to figure out the truth. Luke P.’s way of twisting words around and lying to Hannah B. caused Luke S. to eliminate himself. 

5. Luke P.’s Reaction to Garrett and Hannah’s One-on-One Date Part 1:

Every guy had a problem with Luke P., but the one person he fought with the most was Garrett (who, ironically got the group date rose in Week 4 for being the only one not to bring up the drama during his one-on-one time). The two had their earlier arguments, but it was during Week 6 in Lativia that the animosity between them heated up. The golf pro (in the photo below with the bachelorette) from Alabama finally got his first one-on-one date with Hannah B. where they went naked bungee jumping and he got the rose.


When Garrett returned and told the guys what he and Hannah B. did (after they asked how the date went), Luke P. refused to believe that the bachelorette when naked bungee jumping with the golf pro. After Hannah B. brought up what she did on her one-on-one with Garrett during the group date, Luke P. went nuts. He slut-shammed the bachelorette for getting naked for another guy that wasn’t him and told her it felt like he was being cheated on. This caused viewers to be outraged over his red flag comments. 

The Luke P. Show; Top 10 Luke P. Moments From The Bachelorette Heading Into The Men Tell All

4. Luke P.’s Reaction to Garrett and Hannah’s One-on-One Date Part 2:

When Garrett found out about Luke P.’s comments, the golf-pro went to go confront the latter over not ‘staying in his own lane’ as the naked-bungee jumping was Garrett’s one-on-one date, not the villain’s. However, Luke P. attempted to twist the conversation into Garrett being the one not staying in his own lane, which led to more arguing and Garrett to utter (what will be one of the franchise’s most iconic lines) “Sweet Dreams Luke”, when his rival kicked him out of the room due to needing some sleep. 


Later, Hannah B. and Luke P. have a private conservation over his comments, which lead to more confusion as he twists his earlier words by telling her “He would never control her” (Luke P., your reaction to her date with Garrett tells us you are gonna control her!). After he returned to the hotel room (where the rest of the guys were at) and sparked another fight (see video below) (mostly with Garrett again and even Tyler C., Jed, and Mike (all three siding with Garrett) got involved since everyone was pissed off with Luke P.’s behavior) regarding staying in their own lanes. 

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3. Luke P. vs. Garrett Fight in The Netherlands:

The rivalry between Luke P. and Garrett intensified during the group date on Week 7 when the duo was fighting over the last rose and to take Hannah B. back to meet their families. Luke P. got all up in Garrett’s face saying that he wasn’t going to destroy everything he had with the bachelorette before dumping a pile of bologna on the golf pro’s lap. 


This lead Garrett to playing mind games, (which will rank highly among the franchise’s most memorable moments ever) with the villain as he winked at him and cut holes into the bologna and put the meat over his eyes. To top it all off, Garrett even asked (what will rank high among the franchise’s most iconic lines, along with his ‘Sweet dreams Luke’ comment) if the reason why Luke P. was licking his lips was due to being attracted to him. The fight and Garrett’s mind games gave viewers a field day on Twitter.

Ultimately, Luke P. got the last group date rose over Garrett. This left fans upset and many felt that Garrett got robbed of a hometown date due to Luke P.’s toxic behavior. 

2. Luke P. and Hannah’s Twitter Fight:

Hours before The Fantasy Suites Dates episode aired, Luke P. decided to create a Twitter account. Why he opted to do so that day (when The Bachelorette has been airing since May), we don’t know. However, when the episode ended his dramatic elimination, many began to suspect his reasons for doing so were to slut-shame Hannah B. even more. After the episode ended, Luke P. and Hannah B. got into a Twitter fight over his elimination, slut-shaming and their views on religion. In one of her tweets, Hannah B. even called the villain out for dumping bologna on Garrett’s lap during the final group date in the Netherlands. Their Twitter fight resulted in some of the other men (eliminated or not) to defend the bachelorette, including Tyler C., Garrett himself, and Dylan. 


1. Luke P. Finally Gets Sent Home:

The moment all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for!! Luke P. finally got eliminated. For hometowns, the bachelorette couldn’t decide who to send home, so for the first time ever, all four guys left went to overnight dates (this year in Greece).

During the dinner portion of Luke P.’s overnight date (his was the last one) with Hannah B., he asked if she had been intimate with the other guys. Luke P., who after famously found Jesus in the shower, has abstained from sex until marriage, said if she has, he removes himself from their relationship. This comment leaves Hannah B. outraged and she said in a confessional that he doesn’t own her. Feeling that he slut-shammed her, this leads Hannah B. to send Luke P. home and as she leads him to the van, she states that she has had sex, that she and one of the other three men left (Peter) had sex in a windmill twice, and that “Jesus still loves her”.

However, based on the promos for the next episode, Luke P. is not done yet as he makes a dramatic return for the rose ceremony. 


Which of Luke P.’s moments on The Bachelorette Season 15 (prior to The Men Tell All) stunned you the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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