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The Life Of A Mature Woman Over 60

The Life Of A Mature Woman Over 60

If you're a mature women over 60 and feel that you've lost touch of who you are, you're not alone. There are other women struggling with the same problem, and there are ways to deal with it!

I’m now 64. Soon to be 65. I’m writing from my soul so please be kind if I’m not the best writer. I’ve never written a thing for anyone to read but me. Honest to God I’m sure there are 3 “21 year olds” in me. I’ve never written a blog.. ever, so please bear with me as I learn. This is the life of a mature woman over 60:

Recently I looked in the mirror and noticed an old lady was staring back at me with a blank look.

I’ve seen my face way too many times and still I was shocked to see the jowls, wrinkles, hair that grows from my face and I wondered where my old self went. My belly has abandoned me, my arms have wings (which I discovered by accident as I was riding in my daughter’s car and had my arm out the window.. ‘where the heck did those come from?’ I asked her. “Oh mom they’ve been there.” I couldn’t believe I grew those without knowing about them).  And my hair… my hair is thin and I do everything on Gods green earth to make it look like there’s something there, and it’s ALL completely gray. Honestly I don’t mind the gray as I’ve earned every single hair… that I have left.

I have many past-times, but haven’t been doing any due to my moving into a “Retirement Home.”

The name threw me because in my mind I was retired but not over the hill. Well this is a place for the “over the hill gang.” I seem to be one of the only residents who are standing upright without a cane, walker or wheelchair.


What happened to the retiree who plays golf (not me), travels, goes to casinos (I wish), rides bikes, hikes, camping, cross country skiing and so on?

These are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met but good grief 3 people have ‘passed’ in my short 2 months here. My plans are to buy a home and start living again.

I love ‘hacks’, DIY stuff, brain exercises, all the stuff I just listed above and above all I am a person who wants to live a full life. My passions are God, family and living until I’m over 100.

Any ideas would be welcome but I truly think I will age prematurely if I stay here for an extended amount of time. Exercise here involves getting out to walk around the building or the lovely ‘chair exercises.’ I should have done more research before moving in here.

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I’m interested in ideas about how to do yoga, traveling, DIY’s, Hacks, brain exercises and ideas about growing older gracefully.

I don’t know the first thing about a blog or what it even is. I love the fact that I’m older and understand that I’m slowing down a bit. Growing older is wonderful. I’m alive with a slew of illnesses (which age you I guess) but I have family.. and God. I’m so blessed.

It was nice to write down what I’m thinking.


Are you a mature woman over 60 and feel the same way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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