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The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?

The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?

High school is filled with many different types of people, and usually, they fall into some sort of category. So, lucky for you I made this list of the different people you will meet in your High school. Try to keep an eye out for certain things I say that will help you classify your classmates.


The first group is probably the most noticeable. There are several sub-genres of jock depending on the sport. Try to keep an eye out for the letterman jackets, it is a dead giveaway.


Maybe your school didn’t have them, but more and more schools are getting brony groups. Bronies are male fans of the show My Little Pony and are actually pretty cool once you chat with them. They are usually just normal people who crush on animated horses. Keep an eye out for the My Little Pony stuff, which will not be hard to miss anyway. 


The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?

Quiet Ones

There really isn’t much that goes into this entry. Keep an eye out for the people who do not say anything, duh.

Social Butterflies

The social butterfly is the person who has no issue making friends and will talk to almost anybody. They tend to make their own group in place of the entire high school group system. You do not have to keep an eye out for them because they will probably talk to you first.


Trouble Makers

The trouble makers do not fear the authority and typically end up in the office. Trouble makers may cut class, end up in multiple lunch periods, and get detention. None of that will stop them though, because they will do it again tomorrow. Keep an eye out for the kid who instigates fights.

The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?

Class Clowns

A slight step from the trouble maker, a class clown is a jokester who can usually make you laugh, with or without the adoration of the teacher. Some class clowns are trouble makers, but some are not. Really, a true comedian could find humor without causing issues, but I digress. Keep an eye out for the person always telling jokes.


Kid Who Is Always Suspended

This is a step up from trouble makers. This kid is suspended more than he is at school, and when he is at school it seems kinda strange. Keep an eye out for the kid who is always fighting.


Hipsters try hard to be different but usually end up looking just like every other hipster. Keep an eye out for man buns & joggers.

The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?


Dating Someone From A Different School

These people think they have love figured out, but also seem unavailable at times because they are too busy in daydream land thinking about their significant other. They also will constantly bring up their after-school plans more often than anyone else, because they are usually going to “go see their boyfriend”. Keep an eye out for anyone who sits alone in the cafeteria.


Everyone’s favorite punchline, the ROTC kids really do think they are something special. I am not saying that ROTC kids do not go on to do great things in the military and the world. However, some of those kids act like their 5th period is in Iraq and they are Seal Team 6 operatives. Calm down bro… keep an eye out for the all camo outfit and the ROTC uniform.

The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?



The potheads are pretty cool peoples not going to lie. Keep an eye out for anybody who is really, really cool.

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LSD Kids

The LSD kids see the hallways differently than we do. I am going to let you in on a little secret, if you ever see someone who has a tiny paper square on their tongue, that is LSD. Keep an eye out for those weird knit hemp hoodies. 


The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In High School: Which One Are You?

AP Kids

AP kids are the kids in advanced classes. They tend to complain about how much work they have to do for their AP classes. It’s weird too because they always make sure you know that it is an AP class the work is for. AP AP AP. Look out for anyone who says AP four thousand times a day.

Drama Kids

The drama kids are their own group. The drama kids are the actors and actresses, the people who love theater, and the people who got suckered into being a stagehand. They are usually pretty cool, but sometimes you will have someone who thinks they are an A list Hollywood actor. Relax bud, this is a public school. Keep an eye out for anyone with a playbook.


They will say anything, to anyone, with no care of what happens because of it. Keep an eye out for anyone who isn’t afraid to go there.


Mean Girls

We all saw the Lindsey Lohan movie, you know what the mean girls are. It’s funny though because usually, the only people who see them as the mean girls are themselves.

Love Triangles

The love triangles are shockingly common. Their teenage hopes of love are being brutally destroyed, but a fun game is to take bets over who will be the victor over all. I lost my lunch tray for 3 days because I thought she would choose Jacob over Jason. those are their real names too, haha.

The Religious One

The religious ones are either your favorite people or you hate their guts with a passion. They overflow vocally with their beliefs, and if you believe anything other than what they believe, they will let you know how wrong you are. Keep an eye out for bible quotes and hypocritical ideologies.


Just Here To Learn

The final group is quite possibly the coolest group of them all. The “just there to learns” is a group of people who are literally just there to learn. Why get wrapped up in all of this unnecessary grouping of people when you can just learn and go home. The bell rings at 3, and after that, you get to go home and be yourself, not around the rest of those idiots from your school. Keep an eye out for yourself, because that is all that matters.

High school is full of different people, some with their education front and center of their mind, and others who want to do nothing but party. The important thing to remember is to treat everyone the same no matter what. Were you on this list, and if not, what were you? Make sure you let me know in the comments below!