The Jeffree Star Makeup Launches We’re Loving

Jeffree Star has the best makeup products, and there's even more coming for the holiday season! Check out our favorite Jeffree Star makeup launches!

As we approach the holiday season, many makeup brands are releasing their holiday collections. Although this isn’t his version yet, Jeffree Star Cosmetics just launched new products while we wait.

For the first time, Jeffree Star cosmetics launched lip liners called the Velour Lip Liner. There are 17 shades; each one made to match his current lipsticks. The shades range from one of his top-selling colors called Celebrity Skin, to a crazy aquamarine color called Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The liners are creamy in texture and rich in pigment. What else should we expect from Jeffree? The packaging makes a statement, featuring a longer pencil and a pointed cap that you could probably use as a weapon.

Each pencil also has the color of the shade down at the bottom of it so it’s easier to find the shade you want. The pencils are also sharpenable.

Each pencil retails for $16 online at Jeffree Star

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One of Jeffree’s staple products is his Skin Frosts. A few months ago the beauty community was shocked when he launched a new product called Liquid Frost. His original formula was already blinding but he kicked it up a notch when he released his Liquid Frost highlighters. Or so we thought.

want Jeffree star velour lip liner in shades breakfast at tiffanys, calabasas, Androgyny.

Meet Supreme Frost

The new highlighting product for his brand is called Supreme Frost. And the pigmentation of this product is exactly how it sounds. There are five new shades in brand new packaging; different from his original Skin Frost ones. They are: Wet Dream, Money Honey, Hypothermia, Frozen Peach and Snow Globe.

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They are smaller in size but that doesn’t take away from their “blinding capabilities.” It almost sounds too good to be true right?  How can the queen of highlight create something even more intense than Skin Frost?  Jeffree did it anyway. Each shade is intense and perfect for anyone who’s interested in guiding spaceships home. They each retail for $32 on his website at Jeffree Star

Now you might notice that they are a bit more expensive than his original formula. But Jeffree said in his launch video on YouTube that the increase in price is due to the better ingredients that are formulated within the product.

If you need a new highlighter or want to shake things up with a bright blue lip liner, head over to Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost Bundle


As if the makeup wasn’t enough, Jeffree launched brand-new fashion items for winter.  The items include: A parka, zip-up faux fur hood (an attachment for the parka), three beanies, three T-shirts and three chargers.  Jeffree always makes a fashion statement and it’s only fitting for him to launch his own version of luxury clothing.

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The parka retails for $75 and the hood for $50. The T-shirts are $30 and the chargers are $40. The beanies retail for $20.

All of these products can be purchased online at Jeffree Star Cosmetics.


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