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The Invisible Box Challenge: WTF Is It?

The Invisible Box Challenge: WTF Is It?

The invisible box challenge is taking the internet by storm. Find out how to do the invisible box challenge and what it is. Check out this box challenge.

We’ve all heard of T-Bowing, planking, bottle flipping and any other social trend that takes place throughout the years. It just so happens, there’s a new trend sweeping the Internet – shocker. It’s called the invisible box challenge. When I first heard about this I thought to myself, “What the fuck do we have now.” Turns out, it’s a legitimate challenge and it’s tough. The invisible box challenge went viral after a Texas high school cheerleader posted a video of her stepping on an invisible box. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong!

The Invisible Box Challenge

What Is The Box Challenge

For those of you who don’t know what the invisible box game is, there are certain steps required to kicking ass. You first have to show that there’s not really a box there by tapping down on an imagined flat surface. Then the true invisible box challenge starts. You have to put your foot on top of the box and keep your leg in the same spot. Essentially, the invisible box challenge is making it look like you’re stepping over a box. Check out the cheerleader’s pro invisible box challenge, which has yet to be topped.


Many people who attempt the box challenge have been met with the same feat my friends and I have struggled with. It’s seriously a challenge! You have to defy gravity! It’s not just your legs who are getting the trick done. You have to have a strong, core, back, shoulders and glutes; essentially your whole body. If you’re going to try the invisible box challenge yourself, take a video and let us know how it goes! We’ll be spending the entire weekend trying to perfect this feat. Don’t sit the invisible challenge out!

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People are using the challenge as a way to prank people on the streets which is personally hilarious. Check out how a guy uses the box challenge to psych people out in their cars.

Have YOU tried the invisible box challenge? Let us know in the comments below!
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