The Importance Of Applying Sunscreen Every Damn Day

The Importance Of Applying Sunscreen Every Damn Day

You must apply sunscreen everyday! Said no one ever!

But seriously. It’s like we forget the sun exists. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone! There are some heroes that take their sunscreen very seriously. Good on you mate! We should all be applying sunscreen as part of our daily skin/beauty routine! Or, buy a moisturiser/primer/cream with SPF! Problem solved!

There’s nothing healthy about a tan! Oh, but I love my tan! It’s a glorious achievement after a week at the beach with a gorgeous, distinct bather line! As if the sun itself drew those thick white lines on my (now) brown skin! Listen, we have to get over these hang ups. You can actually get a natural skin and wear sunscreen! And our older selves will definitely thank us for it! I’m trying to avoid wrinkly skin that looks like leather.

And that’s just one reason why tanning without sunscreen is a bad idea! Anyway, I’m about to go into the details of why applying sunscreen everyday is so damn important! That’s right folks. There is a certain importance to applying sunscreen every damn day!


So, as I’ve just mentioned, sunscreen keeps you looking young! That’s right. It’s the cheapest botox! The sun is harmful, and therefore, too much exposure means premature aging. Eeeek. As if that’s not enough of a reason to apply. And re-apply! Next time you speak to your grandmother, ask her about sunscreen. Guarantee that generation is walking around with a wee bit of regret.

The Importance Of Applying Sunscreen Every Damn Day

Beautiful Skin

Similarly, sunscreen should be an absolute component of your skincare routine as it will prevent uneven skin tone and unwanted pigmentations such as brown spots and discolouration. Freckles are cute and all but only if they’re natural. Not from the sun. That’s only a tiny sign of the damage occurring beneath the surface. And it’ll only get worse as time goes on. It’s so easy for young people (like myself) to ignore advice as we don’t have to face the damage now. But we will. Tomorrow (heavy stuff.)

Sometimes we can’t clearly see the damage, but it’s there. It’ll come out eventually. Sunscreen is crucial for all skin types! You may be naturally pale or olive, sensitive or normal. But sunscreen is necessary and vital for all! Sunburn is an immediate reaction and it fades. You cry, moisture, peel and get on with life. But the damage remains!

The Importance Of Applying Sunscreen Every Damn Day


Okay, so now to the cancer. Seriously, it’s terribly sad when we hear a story of a young adult who died of skin cancer. Such a preventative illness that destroys lives. It may sound silly but applying sunscreen literally every damn day has the utmost importance. I mean on a cloudy or rainy day. The sun is always there. The ozone layer is diminishing and the sun rays are only getting stronger and more harmful. We need to protect ourselves! Applying it everyday will seriously decrease the risk of developing a deadly cancer.

It’s easy!

We are so lucky to have sunscreen that is as convenient as ever! Remember to always find a lotion that is SPF30+ or more. No less. Incorporate it into your daily beauty routine. Use built in sunscreen like in your moisturiser, lipstick or foundation! Oh, and coconut oil does not count!

There are even so many types of other sunscreens on offer. So many have been introduced over the years to ensure the application is quick, easy and mess free. Let’s face it, applying it has always had a bad rep. It’s never been fun! But thankfully, there are all kinds to choose from. So find the one that you prefer to apply. To list a few: non-irritable mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin, spray, sweat and water resistant or stick (for the nose and ears. Wow, sexy.)

The Importance Of Applying Sunscreen Every Damn Day

I hope this has outlined the importance of applying sunscreen every damn day! Let’s make applying sunscreen a common thing!

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