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The Ideal Place For You To Live Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Ideal Place For You To Live Based On Your Zodiac Sign

For people who live by their zodiac, the stars tell all. A person’s zodiac can influence many aspects of their life like their style, who they date, and even a career path. Why wouldn’t it influence where they decide to live? Even if it’s all just for fun, here is a list of the ideal places for you to live based on your zodiac sign.

1. Aries – New York, New York

New York is known to be the ‘City that never sleeps‘ and so are you! Fiery, energetic, driven, and competitive are all of your most prominent qualities which makes New York the perfect place for your zodiac. 

New York is known for being a place of opportunity, a place where you can do or be anything. You have big dreams and are passionate about them, so what better place to achieve them than New York? 


2. Taurus – Portland, Oregon 

To describe Portland bluntly it would be down to earth, but also luxurious. That is also exactly how to bluntly describe a Taurus. You are grounded, but also enjoy the finer things in life. You tend to be fairly stuck in your ways which is why Portland would be the ideal place for you to live based on your zodiac. Whether you grew up in the city, or in a more rural place Portland has the best of both worlds! You can stick to what you know or venture out, you decide!


3. Gemini – Las Vegas, Nevada

Work hard, play harder; the motto of both Las Vegas and the Gemini. You are known for your playful nature and having intense passion for many different hobbies and interests. You have a burning curiosity for life which makes Las Vegas your perfect playground.

Las Vegas tends to be a place of uncertainty and excitement with all the different elements it has to offer which is right up your alley. The nightlife and overall thrill of it would make it an ideal place for you to live. 


4. Cancer – Barcelona, Spain

Cancer’s are notorious for being the most emotional signs of the zodiac, but in reality that translates to being the most intense. You feel a strong connection to people and your surroundings, and you feel it deeply. That is why Barcelona would be the perfect place for you.

Barcelona is known for being a city of beauty, love, compassion, and family. Those are qualities that deeply resonate with you as an individual. Barcelona is also known to be one of the top beach cities of the world. You have a connection with the water and the tide making Barcelona more than ideal for you.


5. Leo – Los Angeles, California

Destined for the spotlight we have the Leo. You are always the center of attention and your self confidence radiates in the way you carry yourself. Your intense and charismatic nature often leads you to this city of fame and riches. 

You know who you are and you always crave to be the best at everything, which is why you would do well in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a place of competitive nature and amazing opportunity. It would be a place to let your personality shine and really thrive. 



6. Virgo – Stockholm, Sweden

Organized, neat, and balanced would be the best way to describe both Virgos and Stockholm. You have a need for security and consistency. You also appreciate a balanced give and receive relationship which tends to be the dynamic of life in Stockholm. 

You don’t like change, and you value traditions that stick to your roots. Stockholm is as organized and traditional as it gets, and that’s why it would be the ideal place for you to live based on your zodiac. 


7. Libra – San Francisco, California

Libras are known to be the social butterflies of the zodiac which is why San Francisco is the ideal place for them. Naturally chatty and high energy you always know how to hold someone’s attention. San Francisco has a strong social scene which would make you feel like you can be yourself and really embrace your personality. 

You also have a creative side that shows without you even noticing most of the time. You tend to always have the best ideas and advice and always add your “magic touch” to any situation. San Francisco is known to be a place where creatives thrive making it more than ideal for your zodiac to live here. 

8. Scorpio – Tokyo, Japan

Scorpio’s are always in the now, and on trend. You are intense and also thrive in a highly active and social place. You adapt well in an energetic and fast paced environment which is why Tokyo is an ideal place for you. 


You don’t mind change and it actually excites you. You like to live life on edge and just roll with the punches as they come. Tokyo is exciting, always on trend, and high energy giving you the excitement that you seek out of life. 

9. Sagittarius – Sydney, Australia

Australia literally has everything you can think of which is why it’s the perfect place for Sagittarius to explore. ‘The world is your oyster’ is the way you see life and Australia would be the best place to offer that to you. You are curious natured and are always ready to get up, pack your things, and go on an adventure.

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Beaches, wild life, rain forests, outbacks, desert, mountains, and gorgeous cities all await you. Any activity is at your disposal ready to explore.


10. Capricorn – Berlin, Germany

As the most level headed and practical of the signs Capricorn thrives in a similar environment. You are hard working and you value privacy and tradition. You enjoy being around people with a similar mindset. With that being said you have big goals, and you have the determination and discipline to achieve them. 

You aren’t a big city person, and you enjoy being in tune with nature and your surroundings. You still do enjoy being successful and having nice things though, which is why Berlin would be ideal for you. It is the perfect balance of everything you desire. 


11. Aquarius – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aquarius are the most independent of the zodiac signs. You are usually the most unique and brainy of your friend group. You are always searching for ways to expand your knowledge on all things. You seek variety in life and you have no problem finding the spice of life all on your own. 

Amsterdam is a place of beauty, history, and exploration. The rich history of Amsterdam will fulfill your need for learning, but also satisfy your love for gorgeous scenic views and architecture. 


12. Pisces – Bali, Indonesia 

Pisces are known for being the most spiritually aligned zodiac sign which is why Bali would be the perfect place for you to settle in. Bali is called the ‘Island of Gods’ because of the intensity of spirituality and religion that flows through it. 

You have a free spirit and a wild imagination so the tropical beaches and unforgettable sunsets are sure to resonate with you. Bali is also home to some of the most elaborate and highly recognized spas in the world which is sure to nurture your need to be content and relaxed. 


So did you think that this was the ideal place for you to live based on your zodiac sign? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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