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The Hottest Piercings You Need Right Now

The Hottest Piercings You Need Right Now

The Hottest Piercings You Need Right Now

Piercings are a form of expression that dates back thousands of years but they have gained in popularity in recent years. With new types of ear piercings popping up all the time this guide can show you what the hottest piercings are right now and help you decide which ones you want.

Rook Piercings

Where Are They? – Your rook is an area of the upper inner ear just below the outer layer of cartilage. It’s a small fold of thicker cartilage that sticks out from the back of the ear.

Challenges – The thicker cartilage and small area can make it difficult to pierce. Be sure to go to a professional and confirm you have a big enough rook to support the type of jewelry you want to wear. The pain levels for this piercing vary, as it is cartilage it should hurt less than a lobe piercing but everyone’s experience is different.


What Jewelry Looks Best? – For a more minimalist look, you can’t go wrong with a simple hoop, but you can add a little bit of interest to the area with a double gemmed curved barbell. The main concern is that the size of the earing matches the small space it is occupying.

Conch Piercings

Where Are They?  – There are two different types of conch piercings, outer and inner. The outer conch is the area just above the lobe and inside the outer cartridge ridge. The inner conch piercing will be on the same patch of the inner ear but just below where a rook piercing would be.


Challenges – Depending on how thick the cartilage of your inner ear is will affect how challenging getting a conch piercing is. The thinner the cartilage the easier to pierce. Additionally, depending on what other piercings you have and the size of your ear you need to be mindful of overcrowding.

What Jewelry Looks Best? – For an outer conch piercing a popular look to go for is to put in a larger hoop that loops around the cartilage, these hoops can be as plain or intricate as you like. For an inner conch piercing smaller, delicate studs work well in the tight space.


Daith Piercings

Where Are They? – If you follow the outer edge of your cartilage from your outer ear all the way until it folds into the inner ear that is where a daith piercing would be.

Challenges – This area of the ear is very small and without a seasoned professional it’s very difficult to pierce. With the space being so small there are also a  lot of issues that could arrive from infections so it’s important to keep the area clean.

What Jewelry Looks Best? – Small hoops are the best earrings for this piercing, especially one with some fun details that help bring attention to the area. Again with it being so small it can be difficult to change your earing so most people pick one they want to stick with and leave it in long-term.

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Inner Helix Piercings

Where Are They? – An inner helix piercing is on the cartilage just above where a daith piercing would be, along the flat surface of cartilage right by the head.


Challenges – As this is directly on cartilage and right next to the face this piercing can be pretty painful and take a while to heal, which is good to keep in mind before you head into your appointment.

What Jewelry Looks Best? – Small flat studs are a great piercing to have in this sport, you just need to be mindful that there isn’t a lot of space for a back to go in your ear and choose accordingly. Getting a line of inner helix piercings with matching studs is a popular trend for those with a high pain tolerance.

Caring For Your Piercings

The care of piercings doesn’t vary very much between different ones.  You should be sure to keep the area clean and rinse with the solution your piercer provides. Also, be sure to rotate your jewelry often.


Which of these piercings do you want? Comment below to let us know.

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