The Hottest Movie Sex Scenes That Are Orgasmic

Don’t lie – whenever the word sex gets thrown out there people get a little squirmy or blush. Sex is a topic not many people feel comfortable opening up about – I’m not one of those people. Let’s get real, it shouldn’t be so taboo. You’ve probably heard the saying, “movies are the mirror of society.” Quite frankly, I think that’s the case. Movies reflect current public discourse and have the potential to shape what we consider to be the “norm.” Some of the hottest sex scenes in movies have paved the way for more social acceptance towards what people still shy away from. Regardless, the hottest sex scenes from movies are fun to watch. Here’s a list of the hottest movie sex scenes ever – or at least I think they movies with the hottest sex scenes.

The Top Sex Movie Scenes

ALL Of The 50 Shades Of Grey Sex Scenes

While it may not be the most conventional chemistry you’ll find between two people in a movie, there’s no denying that this duo can create some fireworks. 50 Shades takes your traditional romantic movie to a whole other level with whips, chains, ropes, and a lot of lip biting.

Blade Runner 2049 Sex Scene

Warning: Spoiler alert! This makes it to the top of the list for hottest movie sex scenes since it’s a threesome. Threesomes are taboo and complicated enough and rarely shown in movies. There are several things going down during this Blade Runner sex scene – a hologram, a man who’s never been touched by a woman and a prostitute being kissed by a man with love for the first time. It’s by far, the hottest movie sex scene to date. The effects are crazy and it addresses the elephant in the room. Aside from this being the hottest threesome in a movie, you need to see Blade Runner 2049.

Shame Sex Scene

Number two on the list of hottest sex scenes from movies is Shame. This is one of the most notorious sex scenes in a movie. If you didn’t already know, The Standard Hotel in NYC’s Meatpacking District is notoriously known for couples having sex against the windows. It’s the movie’s hottest sex scene by far.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith Sex Scene

Let’s get real – this was the spark that created Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s spicy relationship. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is known to be one of the hottest movie sex scenes created in Hollywood. Their chemistry was so fuego (probably because they were doing it IRL) on camera. It’s one of the hottest movie sex scenes of all time.


The Notebook Sex Scene

You had to have known The Notebook would make it onto the list of hottest movie sex scenes. Let’s just say this is summer love, soul mate, smoldering sex goals. Noah and Allie are another example of chemistry being so strong on set, they end up dating in real life. Ryan Reynolds seems to create hottest sex movie scenes – you are now twice on the list Ryan; we see you!


Blue is the Warmest Color Sex Scene

Not only is this make the hottest sex scenes from movies list but makes the hottest lesbian sex scenes in movies list. This is a coming of age film that feels insanely real.


Blue Valentine Sex Scene

Ryan Gosling does it again. Blue Valentine. Three times on the hottest movie sex scenes list. Overall, Blue Valentine, exhibits the true stages of a couples progression and downfall. However, things get pretty hot and heavy in this dark movie. This is an NC-17 movie.


Pretty Woman Sex Scene

The Julia Roberts and Richard Gere piano sex scene is absolutely one that makes the hottest movie sex scenes list, repeatedly. Pretty sure this is will go down in history has Hollywood movies hottest sex scenes number one. It’s truly a classic and an enjoyable moment.


See Also

The Titanic Sex Scene

Of course the sweaty car scene sex in The Titanic will make the list for one of the hottest sex scenes from a movie. We may not all be doomed on a sinking ship with a forbidden love affair but it’s literally quite steamy. How about that hand-print? You might argue it is the hottest movie sex scene ever but I’m going to rightfully decline – Blade Runner is pretty tip top. The Titanic sex scene literally went down like that ship.


Gone Girl Sex Scene

The Gone Girl sex scene is highly regarded as one of the best Hollywood sex scenes to date. Actress Pike, practiced the sex scene with a Dora the Explorer doll – ha! She also required they spend two hours alone on set to prep for the scene. Woah – hot and heavy.


Top Gun Sex Scene

Everyone knows the Top Gun sex scene. Of course it’s one of the movies with the hottest sex scenes ever.


Some other movies who could classify as the hottest sex movie scenes in Hollywood are as follows: American Psycho, Risky Business (notorious Hollywood sex scene), Eyes Wide Shut (another one of those movies that makes every hottest sex movie scenes list possible), The Mountain Between Us, Road Ghost, Brokeback Mountain (hottest gay sex scene in a movie) and Wild Things.

Let us know what you think about the hottest movie sex scenes in Hollywood in the comments below!
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