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The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ll have seen iamgia’s clothing everywhere. Instagram baddies are frequently taking pics in their gear. Not to mention we’ve spotted one of their designs in one of the latest episodes of Euphoria. If you live near an Urban Outfitters you’ve been blessed by the fashion gods, as they carry a small selection of the popular Australian brand.

The brand has very unique pieces (think Bratz doll fashion in the early ’00s meets IG baddie) at prices that are reflective of their quality. A pair of pants could run you, on average, $70. It’s a fair price for a brand that isn’t fast fashion but isn’t designer either. To get the look that’s all the rave, we’ve listed the hottest clothes on iamgia’s website right now so you can live your most glamorous, best life.

Bridget Top

This. Top. Is. Everything. We love the corset boning and the way the hem drops lower in the front. Very reminiscent of the famous vintage Vivienne Westwood corsets! But what makes the Bridget Top different it the added drop sleeves on the side. Super cute! Also, that pink is a color that is extremely flattering on everyone. At $77 it’s a little pricey but worth it when everyone’s asking “That’s so cute! Where did you get it?”

The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

Blaze Pant

One of the hottest items on iamgia right now is the Blaze Pant. These pants are fire. They’re green, they’re baggy, and they’ve got pockets. We can’t be the only ones obsessed with clothing that has appropriate pocket space right? Pockets aside, we love the attention to detail on this item. The two-toned olive greens compliment each other well and the placement of the lighter green gives these pants a ‘backless chaps’ vibe. The Blaze Pant is going for $126 and also has a white option.

The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

Trexler Playsuit

Awkward bathroom moments aside, you need this playsuit. It’s ‘cute but combat’ feel will make you look like a sexy spy on a mission. It’s tapering reflective lines makes your body look slimmer and the added belt helps cinch the waist even more. Iamgia outdid themselves with this one. We love how the shorts make it sexy because it’s showing off leg. But we also love how the arms are covered in order to keep it a little more serious. Wear this any day of the week or dress it up for Halloween! Either way, you’re going to shine bright in the Trexler Playsuit. It retails for $175.

The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

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Sasha Mesh Thigh High Boot

When we first saw these we were getting ‘grandma at church’ vibes. But we had to reconsider. Alone or with a basic outfit these boots might seem a bit off but together with an equally matched skirt or dress (like the photo below), these boots will go far. The Sasha Mesh Thigh High Boots are only $63! They also come in black as well as the white option.

The kitten heel is purrfect for pain-free feet at the end of the day and for those of us who want to switch it up from our normal 5-inch pumps. Not to mention that iamgia’s does an amazing job creating something that is unique and not easily replicated.

The Hottest Clothes On Iamgia’s Website Right Now

We love this brand but hate that they’re so far away! I Am Gia if you’re reading this, please open a store in the US! Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed any other hot clothes from I Am Gia’s website. What do you think about these pieces? Yay or Nay?

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