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The Herbs And Spices Everyone Needs At Home

Herbs and spices are an essential part of cooking, which also have great health benefits. Some herbs and spices are so essential that we probably don’t even notice them. For someone who is relatively new to cooking, herbs and spices may be very confusing and the process of figuring out what is essential to have is quite hard. Salt, pepper and mixed herbs are a good starter pack for the novice, but if you are looking to make a near perfect pantry, you might want to consider getting the herbs and spices on this list. 

Black Peppercorns

The most basic spice that everyone should have at home. However, getting whole black peppercorns and grinding them is the best way to keep them fresh. Some dishes, such as cooked cabbage could also benefit from whole black peppercorns. 

Smoked Paprika

A great way to add smoky flavour to any dish, whether it’s meat-based or plant-based. It’s great in Chilly, soups and most tomato-based dishes. You will see it used in a lot of recipes. 

Chilli Powder

The best thing about chilli powder is that it comes in very diverse range. It’s a combination of different peppers along with cocoa, garlic and onion. You can read the label for the exact ingredients in the ones you are considering. You can also make your own using this recipe

Cayenne Pepper

If you want just a tiny amount of heat, you put a couple of pinches of cayenne pepper and you are good to go. It’s great for roasted vegetables and some soups. 

Curry Powder

Just like chilli powder, curry powder is a mix of spices. You will recognise it by the signature yellow colour. It adds a really warm flavour to soups, rice and other dishes. 

Ground Ginger

Ginger has a warm, spicy flavour which you may be familiar with if you like gingerbread cookies. It’s great in stir fries, different marinades and spice rubs. Fresh ginger is also great for special occasions and is really nice in soups and teas. 


Turmeric has become really popular among herbs and spices in the kitchen because of its health benefits. Turmeric gives curry its yellow colour. It’s great for anything chicken-based, when baking veggies and even in lates. 


Of the herbs and spices in my pantry cumin along with coriander are my absolute go-tos. Great in guacamole, chilli, soups, chicken and a whole range of other dishes.  


Herbs and spices come in all shapes and sizes. This spice is used mostly in sweet dishes and the most famous would be cinnamon buns. It’s a great way to top off a coffee, add to porridge or use for baking. 


The must-have in your herbs and spices pantry if you like baking or want to get into baking. Vanilla can be found in many forms – extract, powder, pods. Pods are amazing, but often quite expensive. Extract is usually more popular than powder, but the use depends on preference and convenience. 


Both fresh and dried, basil is a must have if you love Italian food. It’s amazing in a salad, on pizza, in tomato sauce, as a pesto! It’s a really fresh and tasty herb. 

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This is a very flavourful, aromatic herb, which is often used in baking, whether it’s vegetables, fish, meat or bread. It’s also great for infusing oil or making herbed better. It works well in lemonade or cocktails as well. 


Another very fresh herb, with a very aromatic smell. Oregano is great in tomato sauce, chilli, bread, pizza, chicken, soups, beans. All in all, a very diverse herb, which I tend to put in everything. 


In my family this is probably the most popular herb. We make it into pesto, add it to salads and soups. If a chicken or vegetable soup doesn’t have a load of parsley in it, is it even ready?


I don’t like fresh coriander, but I adore dried coriander. The two have a very different taste, so you might want to try them both. Ground coriander is great in a soups, stews, rice and a whole lot of other dishes. 


Thyme is a very aromatic herb, which is not only great for cooking, but also for tea (which is great for respiratory problems). My favourite use for thyme is in combination with mushrooms and squash. It also goes very well with chicken and other vegetables. 

What herbs and spices do you have? Comment bellow!

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