The Healthy Guide To Eating At Dunkin Donuts


“America runs on Dunkin,” but let’s be real, not many of us, well not I can completely run on a caramel swirl iced coffee and a chocolate donut ( although, between us, I’d love to). To start the day we need nutrients, and Dunkin can actually provide that. It’s not just iced coffee and donuts you know. With that being said let’s go on a mental trip to Dunkin and I’ll be your tour guide, giving you an idea of what to order. Keep reading for the ultimate healthy guide to eating at Dunkin Donuts.

For the must have coffee and donut addict: Coffee with skim milk, latte with skim milk, Old Fashion donut, apple n spice donut, glazed jelly donut.

The old Fashion donut, apple n spice donut, glazed jelly donut are low in fat and calories compared to all the other donuts.


Adding skim milk to your morning coffee will give you some calcium for your bones, you see healthy already.

For vegans: Latte with almond milk, English muffin.

Almond milk to your latte for some calcium and an English muffin for a good dose of fiber.



For vegetarians: Latte with skim or almond milk, multigrain bagel, oatmeal with dried fruit toppings.

The oatmeal is high in protein and fiber and low in salt and fat. The dried fruits also help provide some iron.


While skim or almond milk will give you some calcium.

For the athletes and fitness gurus: Oatmeal with dried fruit toppings, egg white veggie flatbread.

It’s never a good idea to skip breakfast go straight to the gym. Luckily Dunkin has you covered with the egg white veggie flatbread, it delivers just the right amount of protein you need to deliver nutrients during your workout.

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Another option is the original oatmeal packed with carbohydrates to help those muscles form.



For the calorie-conscious: Latte with skim milk, egg and cheese wake up wrap.

The Wake-up wrap has only 150 calories give our take, combining it with a latte with skim milk with not only most your protein but also your calcium. Killing two birds with one stone.


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Here are the best tips on eating healthy at Dunkin Donuts!
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