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The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

Headbands are like an old friend that keeps popping up in our fashion trends every now and then. At times they are immensely popular (take the 1960s as an example), and at others, not one head will be seen with a headband placed neatly in the hair. But thankfully in the last year or so, headbands and hair scarves have become increasingly popular, especially patterned ones and top knot headbands that can easily be used in a variety of different hairstyles. 

Really, headbands are incredibly practical, and they don’t have to remind you of your school days when your mum used to place a headband in your hair to ensure you didn’t get your hair all over your face throughout the busy and energetic school day. They can actually be an excellent way to hold your hair back, but in a very fashion forward way.

With the right accessorising techniques, headbands and hair scarves can easily be used to elevate your look, and are even more stunning when worn during the warmer months such as Spring and Summer, and whilst travelling so that you can spend less time worrying about what your hair is doing and more time on what you should be seeing next. To shed some inspirational light on the trend of the headband, take these headband ideas and implement and interpret them to your liking to wear at work, while travelling, and while out for dates or with friends. 

1. Padded Headband

Okay, a padded headband will most certainly remind you of your early school days – where you’d place a headband with your school’s colours in your hair to show just how much school spirit you really have. But hear us out. The padded headband, especially a gorgeous velvet one in colours such as black, dark maroon or emerald green can truly elevate a Fall or winter-inspired look. 

You can place a gorgeous headband like this behind your ears and complete the look with some large pearl or stud earrings, a statement lipstick and some fuzzy layers in the colder months. Or you can easily replicate this look in the Spring time with a nice airy sundress for the warmer days. Keeping the wind out of your hair and your hair out of your face. 

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

2. Chic Summer Headscarf 

It’s a cruel, cruel summer without a headscarf to keep our hair away from our faces. In the warmer months, we suddenly don’t want our hair all over our faces cause we want more room and opportunity for the infrequent breeze to give us some air. It’s a wonderful way to keep our faces and necks sweat free also, as having hair falling on the forehead creates this damp space right at the top of the head during the summer, and it can really put a damper on your summer’s day plans. 

A beautifully chic summer headscarf such as this one is perfect for those days out by the beach which might be quite breezy and windy, and are perfect when adding a pair of your favourite sunglasses to the look. 

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

3. Patterned Top Knot Headband

Top knot headbands have quickly become immensely popular in the last year. From plain to velvet, to solid colours to patterns, the possibilities with headbands, and in this case top knot headbands, are truly endless. 

Imagine travelling to the foothills of Spain, Brazil or Italy. The weather is becoming warmer, and the warmth is just so much nicer and more comforting than the one you are used to back home. The sun comes out in the morning time, and stays with you throughout the day. You travel out to the lesser known spots of this strange city, and feel the sun kiss your skin as you become encapsulated by the spell of wanderlust. A headband completes your look with a pair of gorgeous small hoop earrings, and you just want to stay here forever. 

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

4. Large Bow Headband

If you’re planning a day out to the beach, you’re likely wanting to do something creative with your hair. Whether you choose to let it fall naturally so you can coat it with all the sea’s natural minerals, or whether you wish to tie it back and go for a gentle dip in the ocean without getting your hair completely saturated in the harsh saltwater, a headband is bound to do just the trick. 

And a large bow headband like this will make a bold statement as well as keep your hair away from your eyes as you play on the beach. These headbands are not for the faint hearted – they are extremely bold, but we absolutely adore this look and are rooting for anyone who tries it. 

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The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

5. Bandana

Bandanas are traditionally worn with a tail hanging out the back towards the back of your head. They are a square shape however, and people have interpreted how to wear them for years in a variety of different ways. And they made a great impact in the 1950s when women wanted to keep their hair up in curlers while they did the household work. Take the ‘You Can Do It’ female ad from the 1950s  – a painted picture of a woman flexing her bicep, wearing a bandana. She gives us all the feelings of empowerment 

But bandanas are extremely versatile, and these days the ultimate trend is reverting back to this 1950s-esque style. The bow sits on top of the head centred, and is wonderful when in the shade of bright red to make a statement. The bandana is the perfect addition to a plain outfit look, such as jeans and a white top, and a pair of sunglasses. You really don’t need much else!

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

6. Turban Headband

Turbans have a rather cultural element toward them, but the trend of them is incredibly wearable and comfortable for an easy relaxed day. Traditionally, a turban would cover the entire head of hair, perhaps even tuck in all of the hair, but with a turban headband like this one, you can easily style it any way you wish. 

These turban headbands give us all the hippy vibes. They are perfect for the inner hippy within all of us, and complete the looks of boho outfits such as airy long dresses and baggy culotte pants. These are perfect for the hot summer days. 

The Headband Trends We Are Loving This Year

What is your favourite way to wear a headband? Let us know in the comments down below!

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