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The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

Nothing can cure the winter blues quite like getting your hair done. There’s something about fresh hair that makes every girl feel better. Theres a reason Lizzo, our confidence queen, has an entire song about it. With these hair colors, you’ll be ready to take on winter new hair and new confidence, ready to start the new year!

1. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde may seem more like a summer color rather than a winter color, but if you just loved the look from summer and don’t want to completely change it, winterize it. It’s not super healthy to dye your hair over and over again always, so sticking close to what you already have will help with the excessive dying. Getting a darker shade of red to go with the blonde with give it more of a winter look, and help if you’re fair skinned to not wash you out. I’ve always been a natural blonde and when it comes to winter I hate looking super washed out, throwing a few darker shades into my hair helps so I don’t look so pale. I typically stick to natural shades, and I have a few red tints in my hair so I really just enhance my natural color so it’s not obvious it’s been changed even season.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

2. Cinnamon Spiced Brown

If you are looking to add some real red into your hair, a cinnamon color would be perfect. This reddish orange is a great pop of color in a dark brown. This color will look good on all skin tones and is a fun alternative to just a chocolate brown, and a good way to test out a little red for those who’ve always wanted to try it. This color will immediately give you cozy winter vibes and make you want to curl up with a hot drink, but after you’ve taken a few hundred selfies if your new hair.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

3. Jet Black

This is a great winter hair color because it super easy to pull off but such a rich and vibrant color that looks good with everything. Black is a color everyone looks good in, so in the same sense most people can pull off black hair. Jet black hair is bold and edgy, and gives off a badass vibe. Depending on your natural hair color, this can be pretty easy to maintain. The key to going this dark if you don’t naturally have dark hair is quality hair dye. Don’t box dye your hair this dark, go to a professional for a longer lasting, high quality look.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

4. Pearl Blonde

For those of us who just can’t let go of blonde past summer, this is another option for a winter blonde. Pearl blonde adds in shades of white and grey for a “pearl” color. This intertwined with blonde highlights will give a great transitional look until you can go back to your beloved bleach blonde. This is a really pretty color that will give a more unique look. With everyone picking grey blonde and ashy blonde, you’ll be sure to stand out among the blondes. And before you know it, everyone will soon be copying your to die for hair color. This is such a pretty option for winter hair colors that can easily transition to year round.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

5. Silver and Gold Blonde

What’s more festive in the winter than silver and gold together? It’s the one time of year we allow the two colors to live together and not pick one or the other. Why not do the same with your hair? Gold tones are always a good way to darken up a blonde without changing the color all together, but throwing in some silver shades will add more dimensionality. Silver hair is also really on trend right now, so if you change your hair you’ll also be fashion forward.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

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6. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown is another option for those who want a darker color for winter but don’t want to commit to black. Chocolate brown is a more rich color that will be perfect for winter when you’re wearing a red lip on repeat. With all the brown wardrobe options everyone wears in winter, the chocolate brown will look amazing for a tonal look. This color looks good with and without highlights. If you want a true solid color, this one is so pretty on its own but also blends really well with highlights or lowlights. It’s a perfect base color for winter and when summer comes you can throw in some blonde  highlights, or if you want to add in some lowlights during winter, you’ll have plenty of color options to add in since this dark brown looks good with all hair colors.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

7. Silver Grey

Silver grey has been a huge hair trend the past few years and honestly we are all here for it. In the past, grey was a sign of aging, but everyone has been able to make it a chic look to embrace aging. It’s been pulled off so well that people of all ages are dying their hair grey for a unique sophisticated look. Silver grey will give you a perfect look for witchy winter vibes. This is one of the most unique and hard to pull off of winter hair colors.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

8. Amber Brown

Amber is another color that’s a perfect transitional color from autumn to winter. It’s not quite as bright as a true red, it’s a bit softer but you’ll be dying over how good it looks. Amber is a good rich mix of red and brown giving a more natural option for someone who wants red, but also won’t have to worry about a true red clashing with their other clothes. Red is also hard to pull off to make it look good, there’s nothing worse than looking at dyed hair that you can tell is all ratty and on the verge of falling out, and when its that bright of a color, it draws more attention. This color will draw attention and turn heads in the best way, everyone looks good in amber brown.  Amber looks amazing on dark skin tones to pale skin tones, it’s all about finding the right shade of amber that looks good on you and makes you feel confidant.

The Hair Colors We Are Obsessed With For Winter 2019

What hair color are you copying for the perfect winter color? Which of these hair colors are you obsessed with? Comment below tell us what color you’re showing your hair dresser!

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