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The Greatest Travel Destinations If You Love The Great Outdoors

Traveling this summer is a must for many, but it can be hard to pick the perfect destination to go to. There are many eye catching destinations around the world and the possibilities are truly endless. It can be hard to narrow down the perfect place to visit. Especially if you love the great outdoors.

Depending on your interests and  weather/ scenic preferences, some travel destinations might not be your cup of tea while others can be a dream come true. That’s why I am here to give you a travel guide for the best places to travel if you are wanderlust or craving a getaway. Here is your travel guide for the best travel destinations.

Quebec City


If you are a person who loves mountainous scenery and adventure, you will probably love the atmosphere of Quebec. This part of Canada has a lot of European elements in its architecture, making it feel like you are on a European getaway, but also has traditional Canadian flare, which adds a unique quality as well. There are cobblestone streets, castles and little gift shops making it a beautiful tourist area. The food there is amazing and is mostly derived from French cuisine. The spoken language is French Canadian, and while plenty of people speak English there, a lot of the locals do not. When I visited, I had to dig deep from my highschool french days to communicate. Besides the language barrier, it is a wonderful place to visit and is definitely worth a trip. You will definitely not be bored.


Bora Bora


Bora Bora is a small island that I have personally never visited but always have dreamed of going to one day. The culture is so rich there and has deep roots in French Polynesian culture. The beaches have bungalows where people can chill out and sip their drinks. You will be so zen on this vacation. The waters are clear and blue, so snorkeling and other water activities are very popular there. The one thing is that this vacation is higher than a normal trip’s price range, hence why I’ve never been. But if you save up or have the money for it, it is definitely worth the visit. The food also looks delicious and my mouth always waters when I see the dishes served over there. You will get everything and more with this getaway. 


Punta Cana


Punta Cana is an exciting getaway that you will definitely enjoy. I went with my family five years ago and loved every moment of the trip. The beaches, all inclusive resorts, the people and the food is everything you want and more in a trip. When I visited, I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is all inclusive and I highly recommend finding a similar resort when visiting. The all inclusive aspect makes the trip more affordable in the end. Plus, these hotels have bars and endless activities that everyone would love to do. It is also a perfect family trip that is fun for all ages. If you are looking for a family oriented getaway, definitely consider Punta Cana.


Costa Rica


If you want to explore the jungle, Costa Rica might be the perfect destination for you. The scenery there is out of this world and will not disappoint. I’ve been dying to visit Costa Rica and indulge in the culture there. If you are looking for a trip to hike, bike ride and zipline, you have to visit. There is also beautiful beaches near the ends of Costa Rica. Going there is also very cheap. I was looking into visiting with my friends and the hotels and flights are very affordable in comparison to some of the other travel destinations. The food is also to die for and Costa Rica has arguably the best cuisine on this list. If you are a foodie who loves adventure, definitely visit Costa Rica. 


Lake George


This is definitely a curve ball on the list because Lake George in Upstate New York is not nearly as luxurious as the other places mentioned on the list, but it is sure a fun place to go with family at an affordable price. I used to go as a kid and I can argue that those trips were better than some of the far places I’ve visited. From boat rides to nights on the lake, it is a perfect place to go. There are also houses on the lake you could rent out with a big group of people. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do there, and there is also an amusement park. How great is that? If you are in a bind but are due for a vacation, consider Lake George.

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Aspen in Colorado is a dream come true if you love mountains and skiing. The scenery is truly out of this world and I’ve been dying to go with my family and friends. The people around there are friendly, there are many great hotels near the skiing areas and there is an overall great atmosphere there. It is also has an old town feel so the architecture and structures there are interesting. This location is definitely on my bucket list.


Hilton Head


This part of South Carolina is known for its beautiful atmosphere and outdoor activities. It is best known for its golf courses, so if that’s what you are into, it is definitely worth going. Hilton head is on the water, so you can go on a lovely boat ride or go fishing in this area. You can even go paddle boating with some friends or go on a hike and take in the beautiful scenery. There are also beautiful bars and restaurants in that area, so Hilton Head is pretty much for everyone and is a solid travel destination.

The possibilities are endless when traveling and you cannot go wrong with any of these travel destinations. Every single one has something unique to offer. What are your dream travel destinations to visit? 

Sierra Cucciardi

Sierra Cucciardi is a fourth year student at Penn State University studying Digital/ Print Journalism and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has a passion for covering topics like wellness, fashion, beauty, fitness and many more. Other than writing, Sierra also enjoys photography, graphic design and social media management. She hopes to one day be a full-time writer for a lifestyle magazine and is very excited to be interning for Society19 for Summer 2022.

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