The Greatest Summer Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try This Year

It is officially the summertime! That means you can spend your days hanging with your friends, going out on the town, and taking adventures. It is a time to be free while also trying out new looks. If you are going to be going out all summer, you are going to look cute. Maybe you can try out some new summer hairstyles. You do not have to go through your everyday hair routine when you are going on adventures. Some hairstyles are normal looks that will work for your free time and casual hangouts. Other summer hairstyles are risks that you can do while living happy and carefree. So soak up the sun and try out these fabulous looks.

1. Headband

Try putting a stylish accessory in your hair. Put your hair back and do it in a fashionable way. It is a way to add something to your hair without doing something too intricate. You might even add one that matches with your outfit for a little extra style. It could also just be a small pop of color to make your outfit more fun. This makes sure that all of your hair is in place if necessary. While summer and a lot of hairstyles are about free flowing, sometimes you may want a look that keeps you organized and stylish. If you are out dancing and going cray, your hair will swish just the right way. That headband will also be a quick look if you need to be well dressed last minute. It is one hair accessory, but it can do a lot with how you look.

2. Pixie Cut

It is time to go bold with your summer hairstyles. Why not go with something that will help you relax in the sun. Have some fun and cut off a good amount of your hair. It may be scary, but it will show off your pretty face and confidence. It will also be great for all of the crazy activities in the summer. In those days of beach volleyball and roller coaster riding, you won’t have to worry about hair getting in your eyes. The best part of this type of look is that it will make you seem confident. Depending on how long your hair is now, this will be a big change. The way you will pull off your new do shows that you are ready for anything. Summer only comes once a year, so make this one count.


3. Floral Hairstyle

Everything is in bloom during the summer. This is not the dreary time of the fall and winter. The outdoors is shiny and colorful. So why not match the vibe. There are many different ways to put flowers in your hair. Those ways would all be great summer hairstyles. The look that is focused on here is a braid style look with flowers pinned. This is a more elegant look as you don’t want the flowers to fall out. If you need to go on a nice date, this is definitely the look for you. It will go great with any floral dress you have to keep with the theme, hopefully in a similar shade to the flowers in your hair. It is something unique to add to your look that shows you put time and effort into looking your best.

4. Beachy Waves

This summer could be filled with plenty of trips to the beach or out to summer parties. You may meet someone new that you want to impress. That is why you need a summer hairstyle that is meant to be flirty and stylish. Some beachy waves will create an effortlessly tousled look that screams vacation. You don’t need to have every hair perfectly in place. It is time to just let it all go. It is a time of relaxation, so you don’t need to keep everything in order. Let your hair flow in a way that is fun but not too messy. You will be prepared for any trip to the beach, or spice up any other party. Be the beach queen that you are and show off your flair.

5. Space Buns

Sometimes doing something fancy with your hair can be uncomfortable when it is summer. The heat can make your hair feel heavy and sweaty. So if you want to style your hair in the summer, go for something small but well put together. That is why there are space buns. These are two small buns that go on the side of your head. Your hair will be perfectly out of your face if that bothers you. It also won’t have the full weight of a normal bun so you won’t be weighed down. It will give you a quirky look, but it will not look totally risky if you don’t want to do something crazy. This is certainly not the easiest of the summer hairstyles, but the end product will be worth it. Wear it with an adventurous outfit that shows your quirkiness, and everyone’s eyes will be on you no matter where you are partying.

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6. Highlights

When people think of summer, one of the first things they think of is the sun. It is bright outside and it is time for all of the hot weather activities. This all means that it is the perfect time for some highlights, Brighten up your hair to match with the vibe. It is for the people who want to lighten up their hair but do not want to commit to a full bleach blonde. It shows the beginning of a new season and that you are not spending your whole day indoors. It can give your hair a natural glow if done right and will look amazing outdoors. From the beach to a backyard barbecue to a rooftop party, you will look like a girl who knows how to party.  This is one of those summer hairstyles that are specifically perfect for this time of year. Highlights are all about fun in the sun.

7. Bright Colors

Summer is a time for fun. You should let loose and have some fun. This applies to what you do and how you look. When you are going out and going crazy, try to stand out. You are not stuck in an office, you are going out and about. Go for a daring color to show that you are ready for anything. Something like a bright blue, bright pink, or a bright purple will really make you stand out in a crowd. It will be the perfect look for a hip music festival or out clubbing. Any time an event that is about going crazy will be an amazing setting for this new hairstyle. If you are really afraid of the risk, you can find dyes that won’t last too long and you will be back to normal in the fall. But for now, let your colorful spirit shine. Now is the time to add some color to your life.


8. Simply Down

Some may not call this a hairstyle since there is not much to be done, but it is still an important look. These summer hairstyles do not have to be elaborate. During the rest of the year when you are at school or work, you may spend your time making your hair a certain way. You may use a lot of hairspray and try to be super professional. That is not what the summer is about. The summer is about having fun and not worrying so much. That is why having your hair simply down can be considered a hairstyle. It is time to be carefree and kick back with your friends. If you want to do something fancy to look extra cute, that is totally cool and encouraged. That is the purpose of most of the other hairstyles on this list. However, never doubt the simple and classic look. It takes no time and it makes you ready to just relax at home, play games with friends, and have the most relaxing summer.