The Funniest Tinder Messages You’ll Ever Read

The Funniest Tinder Messages You’ll Ever Read

Those of us who have experienced the joys of Tinder have probably run into a few creeps here and there (or a few dozen). It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and in fact it can provide a pretty entertaining comic relief sometimes. It’s not to say that there aren’t some actual decent people on this app, but when you have a place where millions of people are looking for their next hook-up, things are bound to get a little weird. Without further ado, here are some the funniest Tinder messages you’ll ever read.


This guy’s going hungry.

Funny Tinder Messages - Not on the meny

The way to a girl’s heart – always food.

Funny Tinder Messages - DTF

At least this one’s consistent.

Funny Tinder Messages - Medication

So not smooth.

Funny Tinder Messages - Shower thoughts

Got too excited that they actually had something in common.


Funny Tinder Messages - Chickens

That’s a lot of work bro, how do you know she’s even worth it?

Funny Tinder Messages - A lot of work

One of her wishes was probably that she didn’t take the time to read this.  And this guy was certainly not very secure about his unit if he is naming them.

Funny Tinder Messages - Name

Clearly doesn’t realize it’s 2015.

Funny Tinder Messages - Away

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I think you’ll be the only naked one in this situation. Seriously what are you thinking.

Funny Tinder Messages - Naked

Both parties deserve the witty award for this one don’t you think.

Funny Tinder Messages - Jaws

This was a short-lived relationship to say the least.

Funny Tinder Messages - Eyes

Yeah, this was actually pretty good.

Funny Tinder Messages - Dina

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