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20 Of The Funniest Posts Found In The UCLA Facebook And Overheard Groups

20 Of The Funniest Posts Found In The UCLA Facebook And Overheard Groups


As sought after and prestigious UCLA is, the university definitely has its downsides. And the students definitely love to joke about them even though it is all at their own expense. Here at UCLA we make fun of ourselves to downplay our true misery and pretend like it isn’t there. This can be seen on some of the funniest posts found in the UCLA Facebook and Overheard groups. Although everyone here smiles and laughs on the outside, as if everything is fine, everyone is for sure perpetually screaming and crying on the inside from the fast paced quarter system, difficult material, vast amount of work, and general confusion about their future. But none of that matters because at the end of the day we do truly love this school, know this is the best university out there, don’t try to fight us on this because we will win, and that our future self/career/overall life will thank us in the end!

In the meantime we procrastinate in the best way we know possible, by creating and looking at memes. Everyone always warns to never join the meme page, with the infamous name UCLA Memes For Sick AF Tweens, during your first dead/finals week, because, let’s face it, you will never get any studying done. But what really is more important, our grades or our sanity and morale? Don’t ask our professors that. Everyone needs an escape once in awhile, and this page is so good of an escape that kids from other universities even join it to distract themselves from their own school’s work. We all know that some of those kids either want us or want to be us, *cough* UC Berkeley *cough*. Don’t try to act like you don’t steal our memes anyway! Here are some of the most popular UCLA Memes For Sick AF Tweens, worthy of their own article!

1. The beginning of the mayhem starts way sooner than you think.


2. When even Google knows the dangers of what lies ahead.


3. C’mon, we are here for business and business only.

4. There are warnings everywhere, but we never listen.



5. You always say you can handle the 8 am, up until the very first 8 am lecture.

6. At least LA is 99% sunny skies, but for that other 1%, brace yourself.

7. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.


8. Your designated pass will make or break you.

9. Even the professors aren’t perfect here.

10. Not everyone can handle a dinner of brussels sprouts and lettuce.


11. Coming home and trying not to show the effects of that one chem class.

12. And then coming back to school and trying not to show the effects of never leaving your bed for the entirety of break.



13. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

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14. Is this what being an adult is like?


15. We all have that one professor…or two…or three.

16.  Where there’s bad judgment, there will always be something stopping you from faking your way through.

17.  At least you’ll be happy when it’s over.


18. The feud between North and South campus will forever be strong.

19. But there always has to be a winner, do your part and you can decide who wins.

20. When you know you have all the potential in the world but are the only person stopping yourself from making a difference!

What do you think are some of the funniest posts found in the UCLA Facebook and overheard groups? Comment below!
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