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The Fashion Trends That Every Celebrity Will Be Wearing This Season

What’s old is new again, that’s for sure. It seems that last year’s 1970s-inspired trends have made way for a 1990s-inspired collection, and I am all here for it. If I had a favourite era I’d probably say it was the ‘70s, but I am most familiar with ‘90s fashion, having grown up in the decade, so it’s resurgence is something I’m not mad about. In fact, I’m fully embracing it, as are many celebrity fashion icons lately. Below I’ve shared 10 fashion trends that are seriously having a moment. Most, if not all of them, I’d say have a bit of a ‘90s flair to them.

1. Bike Shorts

This is a big one this year. Bike shorts are typically defined as tight shorts that are longer than your average short. They’re approximately 7”-11” in length, coming either mid-thigh or a little bit above your knee. I personally didn’t think I liked the trend at first but then got a pair of longer shorts to see what it was all about. Not only did I find that it became so easy and fun to pair them with different pieces I didn’t initially expect to, like oversized blazers, long tees, and chunky knits, but I also felt way more comfortable in them than in short shorts. I felt covered everywhere and entirely stylish – an perfect combo. In other words, two thumbs up!

If you’re hesitating to try this fashion trend, I totally get it. I was, too. But it might just surprise you!

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2. White Blazer

I love a good blazer, both regular and oversized, but there’s something about a white blazer that is so chic and effortlessly cool, a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. You can pair it overtop an all-white ensemble for a monochromatic look that will really turn heads this summer, or maybe on top of a graphic tee, black tube top or tank. The options are virtually endless with a white blazer because it’s so classic, so timeless.

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3. Pearl Barrettes

I’ve always focused more on my wardrobe and less on how I style my hair each day. However, with fashion trends like these pearl barrettes coming into the picture, I may just have to start. With the addition of a barrette or two, either on one or both sides of your head as a way to keep your middle part in place or positioned behind your head, bringing your two front pieces together in the back, your entire ensemble is leveled up. A simple touch like that just helps you look and feel more put together. Also, who can resist a few pearls adorning your head?

These pearl barrettes are like the adult, sophisticated version of the ‘90s butterfly clips. My go-to style these days with them is wearing them to help keep my middle part in place, whether I’m ultimately putting my hair in a ponytail or leaving it down.

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4. All Things Gold

With brands like Mejuri, Wolf Circus, Catbird and Merewif (aka four of my faves), along with others, paving the jewelry industry these days and winning the Instagram game, gold jewelry is everywhere. Whether it’s 10k or 14k gold or gold plated sterling silver, yellow gold jewelry stacked together is really having a moment.

I’m a major gold gal so this gets me very excited, and it shows by the intricate gold pieces I adorn myself with daily. I typically have a set collection of staple rings and necklaces that I wear every day, rotating some off or on when I want to change up my style a little bit or mix it up. I love improving my stacking game and try to find pieces that complement one another seamlessly.

Below I’ve linked the new Triple Bead Chain from Mejuri that will definitely be a staple in my jewelry box. This one is available in 14k gold. I’ve also linked another chain I love from Merewif called the Clyde chain, which is gold plated.

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5. White Linen Shirt

A new favourite of mine that is a summery, more breathable option that you can wear almost anywhere and with almost anything. It’s a staple in my closet, and an exceptionally versatile piece. I like to pair my white linen shirt with my Levi jeans and a thick belt for a classic look or with some black or white loose shorts, with only about 2 or 3 buttons done up on my shirt (i.e. just enough to meet the top hem of my shirts). This latter look is extremely chic and effortless to put together.

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6. Vintage -Style Shirt Dress

I love this style shirt because it’s vintage-esque with the collar and button-up front and yet perfectly trendy right now. I pair mine with mule heels if I want to look a little dressier in the summer or wear them with my white Keds for a more casual yet still put-together look.

I’ve seen button-up shirt dresses that are different lengths, usually mini (hemline hits mid-thigh approx.) to midi (mid-calf or a little longer). I’ve always been partial to the midi length because I think it’s more versatile to wear to different events.

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7. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Everyone needs to protect their eyes from the sun so why not do so in cat-eye sunglasses? I find that every type of frame gives off a different vibe between wayfarer, aviator, cat-eye, etc. and the cat-eye is the frame of choice these days. With a ‘90s flair to them, cat-eye sunglasses look super sleek with any and all things mentioned above, as well as most articles of clothing. Cat-eye sunglasses are just an added touch to your wardrobe, like the pearl barrettes, that finish off your look.

No doubt worn by many celebrities this year, these frames will surely prompt compliments.

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Which fashion trends are you most excited to try this season? Have you tried any of these listed? Share below!

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Taylor Lecours

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