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The F Word: Why Feminism Is Still An Issue

The F Word: Why Feminism Is Still An Issue

Feminism is something that's still an issue, believe it or not. Here's my list of reasons why this is still a problem in the modern era.

I am a feminist.

Why does that still feel awkward to type?

Even though I have known I have always been one. Even though I have been fortunate enough to have such great male and female feminist role models in my life. Even though I grew up watching Lisa Simpson. Something inside me knows that holding dearly to this word means it instantly creates perceptions about me and my behaviour that are confrontational. And, I struggle to understand why I am still challenged about being a feminist.

The F Word Why Feminism Is Still An Issue


The F word is still feminism

I think this is because it comes with a lot of baggage. I think also there has been so much “feminism” recently people are tired and turning away from reading another “rant” by another “angry woman.” I am not going to stop however, I won’t stop for many reasons. One being that we still live in a culture where we see victims of assault and abuse hash tagging their experiences. A movement ongoing to halt those in power and those seeking power. We are still experiencing so much influence that is coming from these people who clearly do not even care to pretend to be feminists. #HimToo seems more accurate. Women, unsurprisingly still aren’t the problem.

The F Word Why Feminism Is Still An Issue

Come out

Feminism is still an issue. It’s still not being practiced by influential people of power and this does have a significant effect on social attitudes. To be quite honest, I began writing this article just feeling angry and knowing that there is still so much that is not right. I think there are a lot of feminists out there, whether you like to admit it or not. I ask you, please admit it. Please don’t be afraid of it. But most importantly, please practice it. Please don’t be a by-stander to misogyny. There is still far too much of that around anyway.


The F Word Why Feminism Is Still An Issue

In putting together this article, I actually ended up just writing a list about why I think feminism is still an issue. My conclusions were that daily, women still face misogyny. Daily, I am told that women’s issues are resolved, by men. I concluded this by, so easily and so quickly, merely recounting scenarios that have recently happened to me where I know feminism is not being practiced. And, my own feminism is challenged.

The F Word Why Feminism Is Still An Issue


“Feminism” is less socially accepted than “fuck”

Fuck her. Why Feminism Is Still An Issue:


Because people ask me why there aren’t “men only” gyms and say it’s sexist


Because I still walk a longer route to work, even in the day

Because when my friend’s dad stopped his van to say hi to me when I was on a run he asked me why “I looked so worried”

Because people think I have extreme views for talking about periods


Because you invalidate our experience

Because you still have laws over our bodies

Because people are uncomfortable when I swear


Because people try and tell me they are equalists

Because a man told me I parked well for a girl

Because we say “this many women were assaulted” verses “this many men assaulted women”


Because when I say something like this^ you just get offended

Because you make out I don’t care about men’s mental health

Because grab em by the pussy is president


Because people still make kitchen jokes

Because these two are in the same list^

Because I am still told to lighten up for not laughing at them^


Because men still tell me I need to smile luv, still

Because some of you reading this by now will have thought I need to get over it

Because you still don’t believe her


Because I still feel angry

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Because #MeToo


Because you want to tell me you’re a feminist with a point beginning with “but”

Because I bet you can’t name more than five British women in high up government jobs

Because I bet you know one and you don’t like her


Because you won’t talk to me about these issues but you call me a feminazi

Because you think the Suffragettes was enough and we should get the fuck over it

Because you “know me” as that “feminist one”


Because I am tired of writing and reading these lists

Because I am not appeased enough to stop writing and reading them

Because I am trying to listen to someone who won’t listen to me back


Because you want to speak louder than me

Because my attitude offends your entitlement

Because fuck you


Because, I know you exist

Because, I know, you didn’t even read this post.

This is what feminism looks like. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.
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