The Everyday Life Of A Struggling Freshman At MSU

My name is Emily but I mostly go by Em. Just like many of you I was a freshmen once and I am still going through it as I am trying to get through the second semester of my freshman year. I have lived through what most of you are about to go through. I am here to share some stories, give a little advice, but mostly reassure you that just like me, you will get through it. Here is the every day life of a struggling freshman at MSU and struggle you’ll probably face too:

Week 1: Three words…BEST and WORST.

That is the only way to sum up your first week at State. Many of you are going to have your own experiences with your first week – some good and some bad.  You may learn that you’re going to hate your roommate or love your roommate. You’re going to have a love/hate relationship with those dorm showers. You’re going to see a lot of hot guys/girls. You may feel lonely or really excited. However, your first week goes, I promise you’re not alone. The best advice I can give you is to branch out and say hi to the people in your hall, go to the activities, and do not cling on to just your friends from high school. You’re going to have to learn to make friends all over again and at times it may feel like elementary school.

Understand that this week you’re going to be asked your name, your major and where you are from 500,000,000,000 times.

By the end of this week you will basically have a speech memorized of who you are. You’re going to meet a lot of people and probably will not remember all of their names. At one point or another you are probably going to get lost and have no idea where you are going. (trust me it happened to me A LOT.)


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Soak in the three days of no school, no responsibilities, and all the freedom you could have that you’ve ever wanted.

You have no one to ask when you will be home or, “are you sure you should wear that?” But, I promise your mom will appreciate that call from you even if it is the first day. If I am being honest, I call my mom everyday if not sometimes twice a day. There is no shame. Keep in touch with the friends you want from high school as you may bond with them over the familiarity of not knowing anyone.

My only fair warning is, more likely than not, you may do something you never thought you would. College definitely changes people or at least has you make unusual decisions. I think it’s the freedom mixed with new people and a fresh start that creates some irrational decisions. However, they are not always bad decisions.

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Just so you know I am not making all of this up I can share some of my own struggles:

1. I was late to class on my first day and all eyes were staring at me

2. I relied too much on my high school friends at State

3. I constantly was looking down at my phone to find out where to go (obvious FRESHMAN ALERT)

4. I circled the caf 100 times trying to find out what to get

5. I had a thing with a guy from my high school right after ending a year and a half relationship (did not end well).

6. I had to Uber to Urgent Care because we thought my roommate had a UTI and we didn’t want to tell her mom.

I can not prepare you for everything that you may see or encounter but just be ready to make a lot of interesting memories. You only get to be a college freshmen once so make the most of it because I promise you it is the best time.

Are you a freshman at MSU? Share your experiences or struggles down below!

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