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The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

Kutztown University is full of difficult classes. Some of them you don’t even need to take but you have to to meet your requirements. If you’re lucky though, some of those classes might be an easy A for you! Here are some of the easiest classes to take at Kutztown University.

Travel Writing

At Kutztown University, you have to take Magazine Writing as a prerequisite to travel writing, but it’s so worth it. Nurczynski teaches both and she has to be one of the most laid-back professors on the planet! In Travel Writing, most of the time she talks about different places she’s been to. The places she’s written about are really fascinating. At the end of her class, you have to do a group project. Before you moan and groan, all you have to write is a part of a listicle. For our project we had to write a “Top 10 Places To Visit in Pennsylvania”. I wrote about Fegley’s Bethlehem Brew Works and the Apollo Grill.

I’ve always gotten an A in her classes. This doesn’t mean she’s an easy grader. She is specific in what she looks for but if you’re a good writer (like me) and you meet her requirements, you’re guaranteed to get an A!

The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

Copy And Line Editing

This has got to be the easiest class to pass. It’s basically the basics of grammar that you learned in elementary school. But Voccola is definitely a hard grader when it comes to essays. If you’re terrible like me at writing in third person, it’s gonna be a little difficult, but it’s doable if you pay attention.

This class is easy but you’ll definitely learn some things that you didn’t in your days in elementary school; there will be useful things that will help you become a better writer even if it isn’t your major.

The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

Fundamentals of Oral Communication

A.K.A. Speech class. For this class at Kutztown University you have to have a great memory, at least in my opinion. All you have to do is write three main speeches and then memorize them. The professor even lets you bring notecards to the front as you present. The last speech at the end of the semester is a group speech, but it’s really fun! You can choose to do a wedding party speech, a graduation speech, or a eulogy of one of your classmates. A eulogy sounds morbid, but my classmates did a eulogy and they made it memorable and so funny. My group chose to do a wedding party speech and that was one of the rare occasions where I actually had a great time working with my classmates.

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The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

Chinese Culture Through Literature And Film

So Kutztown University requires you to take a foreign language and a foreign history class. I didn’t realize this until my last semester where I thought I was done with all my foreign studies. I took this class begrudgingly but let me tell you, this class was so fun to be a part of! Also, the professor is so sweet and very knowledgeable about her culture, unlike some professors at KU.

The class is pretty simple: you watch Chinese films and television shows and then have a big discussion about it. The literature is pretty interesting too. My class read the real story of Mulan, not the Disney version. We also read this tragedy about a drunk man and this couple that resembled the story of Romeo And Juliet, just add a mean mother-in-law.

The Easiest Classes To Take At Kutztown University

What are some of the easiest classes you’ve ever taken and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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