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The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

Going to college is an exciting time to learn academically as well as spiritually and mentally, and sometimes you need extra time to learn more about yourself. By taking some of the easier classes at Liberty University hopefully, you will be able to learn more about the person that God called you to be. 
Even though I did not attend Liberty University as an undergraduate student. I can say from experience, that taking a class that you are interested in will always be easy compared to something that you have no desire to take.  Mark Twain said it best with his quote that says, “find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” We all are going to school to get skills to help us grow as people, so if you are choosing a career that allows you to do something you enjoy, it will be an easy class.
From experience, as an undergraduate student at another university, The easiest classes that you can take are introductory classes. It allows you to get a feel of the material and help you decided if the material is interesting enough that you want to pursue the subject as a career. Introductory classes are easier because it is the precursor to what’s to come if you choose to stick with that subject matter and go more in-depth into the material. Since college is about learning new things, pick an introductory class that is interesting to you or have considered before and could take because of life’s situations. Whatever the reason, this is your opportunity to learn and grow. Who knows you might just find your calling. 
Liberty University offers you two ways to take classes in person at the university or online. There are plenty of classes that you can take with these two options, so don’t let a little thing like fear hold you back. Some subjects you can choose from are the following:

CSIS 111: Introduction to Programming

The CSIS 111 Introduction to Programming is a part of Liberty University online courses. If you are interested in being a software engineer, then this course is a stepping stone towards that career. During the duration of the course, you will learn the language of computer programing. You will learn the structured code behind all the great programming software. Also, if you have ever been curious about programming, this course will help to see if a career similar to this field is right for you.

The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

ETHC 101: Introduction to Ethics

The ETHC 101: Introduction to Ethics is a part of Liberty University’s online program. The course introduces rational reasoning and the theories associated with rational reasoning. The course goes into moral issues. From my experience with taking ethics classes, you will most likely go into what are morally permissible and impermissible behaviors. Open your mind up to think about moral issues differently based on theories that attempt to explain certain behavior.

The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

ARTS 105: Art Appreciation

ARTS 105: Art Appreciation is an online program taken at Liberty University. The course will allow you to explore the movement of art from western civilization. The course allows you to see the advancement of art through major achievements. If you have an interest in art, then this course is worth taking and getting more knowledge from it. As a person that has always been a lover of art since I was in elementary school, taking an art appreciation class will help you appreciate the art forms that have come from the history of art as well as teach you new techniques to improve your own artwork. 

The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

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RLGN 104: Christian Life and Biblical Worldview

Even though all of Liberty University’s courses have some form of biblical integration, you may have a calling to a specific ministry in the body of Christ. If that is the case for you the RLGN 104: Christian Life and Biblical Worldview is a great stepping stone into finding out more about Chrisitan Life. The course is also a part of the Liberty University online program. The Chrisitan Life and Biblical Worldview course allows you to strengthen your critical thinking skills, study religious worldviews, and philosophical worldviews. If you are called into learning more about theology, this is a course for you. 

The Easiest Classes Any Student Can Take At Liberty University

Even though all the example courses I went into being apart of the online program there are other courses that you can take in person at Liberty University that you should consider checking out as well to see if one of them interests you.
On the graduate level side, the easiest class I have taken is GRST 501. GRST 501 is a voluntary course that is used to help you with your online graduate-level writing skills. The course can be taken by any graduate student no matter the field being studied. It is a writing class that is focusing on helping you write with confidence on an academic level. It goes into depth about grammar, spelling, and writing styles. All these skills go into helping you write well in the long term, but also in the short term. In the short term, the course helps you with your writing assignments with other classes because it is parallel to another course you currently taking. Allowing you to do well in both classes. 
Another quote is from Les Brown, and it says “do what is easy, and your life will be hard. Do what is hard, and your life will be easy.” The quote reminds us that anything worth doing and going to be worthwhile is going to take a lot of effort and time. In the long run, if you did the work, your life will be easier because you took the time and learned something that would benefit you in your career. Instead of taking short cuts that will end up wasting time because you now have to relearn the material.
There are many areas you can study at Liberty University. All the classes are designed to have you grow as a person academically, spiritually, and mentally. The classes are considered easy as long as you are willing to put in the time and work. Good Luck, you are going to do great :).

What is your favorite introductory course at Liberty University? Tell us in the comments!

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