The Dos and Don’ts of Summer

Every time this time of year rolls around, you vow to have the best summer yet. This is time to relax, rejuvenate and have a good time in the sun. But, there are definitely dos and don’ts of summer you must follow if you really want it to be the best.



Travel Abroad. Devoting an entire semester to traveling can be expensive. However, many colleges offer summer courses abroad. Instead of spending money for a semester abroad, students can find summer courses. They can enjoy the experience of traveling while earning credits too. If your college offers volunteer or travel grants, you might be able to travel with some of the expenses paid for.



Sleep in. The summer is meant for going out and enjoying the sun. While you should definitely catch up on your sleep, don’t spend all summer sleeping until 2 p.m. You’re going to want a story to tell when you get back to school. How are you going to do that when you’re nestled in bed all day long? It’s not really fun when you sleep the whole day away.

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Get a Job. Tuition and other college expenses are costly. Summer jobs can help you make money to pay off those loans and allow you to afford to do fun stuff over the summer. You don’t have to wait until you officially graduate to apply, either. Start early so when you come home, you’ll have a job waiting for you. You might have to sacrifice some of your free time during the summer, but your life will be better and easier because of it.



Wait to buy books. Try to find out the books you’ll need for your future classes. College book stores can be overpriced. Use websites like to compare prices online and to get the books you need for a bargain.




Exercise. It’s hard staying in shape at college. When you have a last minute paper to write, you’ll end up with a diet consisting of Ramen noodles and coffee. At home, it is easier to stay in shape and eat healthier. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and maintain your well-balanced diet. The summer weather should boost your motivation, and the sun can give you a boost of Vitamin D, too.



Netflix 24/7. Netflix is great. It can be a hindrance though, when you get stuck in its time warp. Try to avoid Netflix when you can. You can definitely catch up on your shows, but don’t let your biggest accomplishment over the summer to be finishing an entire series consisting of 12 seasons. If necessary, set a time limit for how much time you spend watching Netflix each week.



Spend time with family and friends. Your friends back home have been telling you crazy college stories. Now is your chance to reunite with your old high school friends. Catch up with as many friends while you can. Even though you have a college crew now, it’s also important to catch up with your family and friends. They missed you while you were away, and you probably missed them, too. If you didn’t, at least pretend.



Ignore the sun. Remember to apply sunscreen whenever you can and stay hydrated. The sun can be a demon during the summer. For the lazy days in the sun, always remember to bring sunscreen, a bottle of water, and a pair of fabulous sunglasses. You’ll regret it when you have a farmer’s tan, or intense criss-cross tan lines from your bikini.




Shop for the new school year. Saving up money for college is difficult. Nothing is sadder than checking your bank account while you’re at school. Spend money while you still can. Start looking for new dorm ideas on Pinterest. Spend some money on new fall clothing while you still have the chance to splurge. You won’t be able to when you start buying last-minute books and supplies when you’re back in school.



Stress. It’s the summer! You might have to juggle a job, while prepping for next semester and taking summer classes, but don’t forget to have a good time. Don’t work every single day. You should have plenty of down time to relax. You worked hard, and deserve a break! Enjoy it!



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