The Dos and Don’ts of Snapchat

Snapchat just may be my favorite application right now. It’s one I can honestly say I use everyday. That being said, I could probably go on for days trying to explain the proper way to use Snapchat, but we’ll stick to the basics.

Good tips to follow when you using Snapchat!


Don’t screenshot unless it’s imperative. Someone sent you a snap of an event flyer? Screenshot central. Someone sent you a picture of them looking like death? Maybe not so much. This one all depends on your friends, but most times someone will snap you less if they think you’re going to screenshot them. You’re defeating the purpose of snapchat and taking the fun out of it.

Don't take screenshots.


Do lurk on your friends and send them snaps from undisclosed locations when you see them in public. There’s nothing more funny and stressful then trying to figure out how someone saw you and you didn’t see them. (Try to keep the creepy to a minimum, but then again what are friends for?)

Snap funny things.


Don’t post long redundant stories. If your story is over 100 seconds it should actually be interesting. At a concert? We can gather that from a snap of the ticket and a sweet video. We seriously don’t need to hear every song because honestly all we can hear is you singing along out of tune. Multiple ten second selfies just get boring and annoying. This is one of the fastest ways to get your story tapped out of.

Don't post super long stories.


Do share adorably cute things with your friends. Kids, rainbows, sunshine, etc. generally fall into this category. Oh, and dogs. I don’t even have to explain. Always share a snap of dogs. They’re golden.

Always send pictures of dogs!


Don’t feel pressure to be perfect on SnapChat. Part of the fun is to not care. Not as much thought has to go into your snaps as other social media posts like Instagram and Facebook.

Don't feel pressure.


Do have fun! Everything doesn’t need to be Snapchatted. SO if you’re out enjoying yourself and your friends, don’t be afraid to put your phone away and just be. It might be a little hard, but imagine having to watch your own snapstory just to remember what happened that day because your phone was too close to your face the entire time to remember on your own.

Don't forget to live in the moment.

Don’t. Ever.

Never. Ever. Send nudes. You would think this one would be self explanatory, but some people never got the memo. I repeat. NEVER, EVER, SEND NUDES. Remember when we found out that snaps aren’t actually being deleted, rather stored to a Snapchat server? Yeah? It’s bad enough knowing my fugly selfies could possibly be floating out in cyberspace, but nudes? No bueno.

Don't post nudes!

Side Note:

Don’t drink and snap. What’s worse than drunk texting? Drunk snapping and having no record of what you sent!


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