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The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Blonde Haircare

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Blonde Haircare

Whether it’s natural or dyed, taking care of blonde hair can be quite the chore! It’s tricky to upkeep, and you need to make sure to protect and nourish it in order for it to stay healthy, silky, and smooth. Here are some tips on how to properly take care of blonde hair!

DO Use A Purple Shampoo

Even if your blonde hair is natural, using a purple shampoo is always recommended. And especially if it’s dyed, this is just an absolute must! Purple shampoo has pigment in it that gets rid of any yellow or brassy undertones, and it helps keep your blonde hair looking bright and vibrant.

This sort of acts as an at-home toner, and especially for unnatural blondes, it will make the hair dye last longer and fade slower. For natural blondes, brassy undertones can come from a multitude of areas, from hard water to sun, so a purple shampoo is useful in that sense, as well. A pro tip is to use your purple shampoo at least once a week, but not every time you wash your hair; only use it about 50% of the time to avoid discoloration.


DON’T Use Heat Too Often

Using heat on your hair is a quick and easy way to damage it; blonde hair is especially susceptible to this, particularly when it’s been dyed. Dying your hair strips it of many oils and nutrients, leaving it more brittle and dry. Adding heat on top of this can cause split ends and hair loss over time, so try your best to stay away from the blow dryer!

A great tip is to use curlers in your hair overnight to achieve easy, bouncy curls. Simply roll them up before bed, and when you wake up, you won’t have to use a curling iron to style your hair. Putting your hair in braids overnight is another great way to get same waves and texture in your hair for the following day.


DO Use A Heat Protectant

If you do use heat—because let’s be real, sometimes we have to—always use a heat protectant! There are tons of great sprays and creams out there to help protect your blonde hair from the damage that heat can do. You definitely don’t want the shine in your hair to dull, so don’t ever forget that heat protectant!

DON’T Skip Out On Conditioning

Chemically processed hair can become extremely dry and brittle very easily; if you’ve bleached your hair from a dark color, chances are that some damage has been done, and your bleached blonde hair is very dry. This means it needs to be properly moisturized!

Using conditioner each time you wash your hair is crucial to restoring moisture and oils to your hair. Conditioning alone is also not enough; you should make sure to deep condition your hair once a week, too! In order to maintain shiny and healthy blonde hair, deep conditioning is a vital part of the haircare process that you don’t want to skip out on.


DO A Cold Rinse

In order to lock in moisture and avoid extra heat damage, do a cold-water rinse on your hair after washing and/or conditioning it. Before you hop out of the shower, turn the water to a cold setting and try to rinse out any product left in your hair! This will lock in the shine and keep the blonde look fresh and healthy looking!

DON’T Wash Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair every day is a great way to dry out your hair. Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils, and if you want your hair to continue to repair itself naturally, you need to resist the urge to wash it every time it becomes greasy.


Even when your hair gets that greasy sheen to it, try to hold out and only wash it twice a week. If you have dyed blonde hair, it needs time to begin to produce the oils that will care for to and keep it healthy and washing it constantly will keep this from happening. Sometimes you have to let nature do its work and your hair will start to regulate itself!

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DO Use Dry Shampoo

If your does happen to get that greasy look after a day or two, use some dry shampoo to touch it up rather than hopping in the shower. Dry shampoo is good for fixing grease while also not stripping your hair of oils.

Most dry shampoos also have a light color to them, which is totally perfect for blondes! The light spray will blend in perfectly with your light hair, and it will solve that washing problem in an instant.

DO Invest In Quality Products

Buying cheap, drugstore haircare products is another great way to damage already unhealthy hair. You need to invest in some good quality hair products in order to maintain it well. Dyed blonde hair is very important to take care of, and you just can’t do that properly with an eight-dollar bottle of shampoo or conditioner.


Ask your hair stylist or a salon worker what they’d recommend—because it will depend on the natural color of your hair—and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on haircare items. It’s totally worth it to have shiny, gorgeous blonde locks!

DON’T Dye It Yourself

If you’re not a natural blonde and you’re looking to dye your hair a lighter color, don’t do it at home by yourself! Getting the blonde look can be really hard to achieve, especially if you have dark hair to begin with.

You absolutely need a professional in order to achieve the blonde shade of your dreams; you simply can’t get the same look on your own. Head to the salon to get your blonde hair touched up or bleached; it will go so much better than if you try to do it in your bathroom without any help!


What are some of your best tips for caring for blonde hair? Let us know in the comments down below!

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