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The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

Dorm room products can liven up your space if you pick the right ones for your vibe! There are tons of ways to create a dorm room that is comfortable, fun and all yours. Just a few products and you are on your way to a dorm room that all of your friends will want to hang out in time and time again.

Whether you want some plants, some string lights or wall art, I have all the places and ways you can create a space that isn’t cluttered with lively dorm room products but full of fun and comfortability. You need a home in between the white dorm room walls, and these dorm room products can create that.

1. Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants will literally liven up your dorm room. With all that greenery you can sit inside and do your homework without feeling like you are missing some nature. Those days when you have to stay inside and get work done it is great to have a reminder of the beautiful nature outside that you can’t get to. Plants can give your room some life, some beauty and some simple positivity to your space.

You may need a plant pot and Urban Outfitters has a ton that are fun and cute. You can find those here it’s twenty four dollars and perfect for you pretty little plant.

The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

2. Metal Photo Grid With Clips

A metal photo grid with clips is great for changing up your pictures instead of having them stuck to your wall all semester or year long! It makes for an easy change and a more organized area for pictures. That way you can fill up your wall with other decorations. Either that or you can keep your room to a minimalistic feel. You can find the metal photo grids from many stores like Ikea, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters Home section, and most definitely Amazon.

You can put your photo grid up anywhere like above your bed or above your desk. You can also move around the order of your pictures, change up the pictures so that it’s never the same for too long and you can change it up all the time if you’d like.

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3. String Lights

String lights are the typical dorm decor. They’re fun and light up the room without the harsh lighting a dorm can usually have. They also can bring in a cool and more chill vibe making for the perfect, livened up space that you and your friends will love to chill in for a movie time, a pregame, or just chilling around. But where can you get your own string lights that are truly the best? Check out some string lights at Ikea, you can buy some on Amazon that changes color, or you could go with a pair of string lights from Urban Outfitters.

Go with some string lights, the foundation to all dorm decor. These firefly lights can be easily strung up on your wall and create an entire wall of lights that won’t ruin the vibes of your dorm room but will definitely add to it.

Get The Look:The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

4. A Cool Chair

If you want to bring the friend group into your cool space then add a fun chair! It can be fuzzy, comfy, or really anything to have another space for your friends to sit and relax. But the times you don’t want to sit at your desk and do homework or read, it can be nice to have a cute and comfortable chair to cozy up in. That way your dorm room will become the space all your friends never want to leave and the space you will always feel like home in.

You could even get some floor pillows from Urban Outfitters, because those are super cute and make for an easy floor seat when you are playing some drinking games.

Get The Look:The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

5. All The Scented Candles

It’s fall season right now and Yankee candle has all of their beautiful pumpkin, apple spice, and cinnamon scented candles! What better time than now to pick up some scented candles and add them to your collection. You can create a cute space on your desk for some candles and make your room smell absolutely delicious but also leave room for some decor. You have a two in one perfect dorm room product with a candle. Scents and decor all in one how could you not pick up a candle with one of your favorite scents?

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Where to get one? Well, Yankee candle of course or you can go to Bath and Body Works to get your deals on all the candle necessities.

Get The Look:The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

6. Wall decor

Spice up your space with some wall decor! You can add some fun photos, a tapestry, etc. Either way, your dorm room will liven up with some fun products up on those walls. You don’t want plain white walls to drag down your vibe, unless if the simple dorm decor is your vibe. But a fun tapestry, some lights, or artistry can truly bring some color into your space and can make it feel like home!

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The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

7. A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps bring in positive, healing energy to your room. You can keep the light on all day and all night for absolute positive vibes all throughout your dorm room. It is the ultimate dorm room product and now that they are so popular you can find them just about anywhere! But make sure you are actually paying for a real Himalayan salt lamp and not a fake one!

Bring the Himalayan salt cave to your dorm room space, where you enjoy your college years, sleep, eat, drink and play. Where can you get one? Try Urban Outfitters or Amazon! Try out this crescent moon shaped salt lamp for twenty-four dollars from UO!

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The Dorm Room Products You Need To Liven Up Your Space

The perfect dorm room decor will get you feeling like home in no time! While also bringing in your style for a comfortable and cute space to live in for the next year. Which of these dorm decor products will you be buying this semester?

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