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The DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater For Your Next Party

The DIY Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater For Your Next Party

If you're looking for a cute but ugly Christmas tree sweater for your next holiday party, then this ugly sweater outfit is perfect !

December marks the official start to the holiday season; which means Christmas music, family, friends, food, shopping, and of course –  ugly sweater parties. All of these parties, whether they be at your college, friend’s apartment, or parent’s basement have a dress code of an ugly sweater. However, throughout the holiday season ugly sweaters are priced WAY too high, and let’s be real, you’re only going to wear it once. If you want to save some money, try out this cute DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater! It’s cheap, fun, and unique – your friends will definitely give you an A+ for creativity on this one!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 – Glue Your Garland

Lay your sweater completely flat on a hard surface with the front facing toward you. Then, using the hot glue gun, simply place dots of glue diagonally across the sweater for your garland to lay upon. After one diagonal motion, turn your sweater over to do the back. Repeat this process until your sweater has at least two diagonal rows (front and back) of garland.



Step 2 – Decorate The Sleeves

You want your sleeves to be decorated as well! Cut any remaining garland hanging from your sweater and save it for the sleeves and base! Once you’ve obtained the garland for the sleeves, make sure to glue it in a way that aligns with the rest of the sweater. Remember, the point is to have all the garland appear as though it is attached.

Step 3 – Add The Ornaments

This is the fun part! Once you get through all of that complicated garland, you can decorate your sweater using the ornaments, pom poms, glue gun, and safety pins!  Start by gluing your pom poms in any fashion onto the sweater, once complete, hang your ornaments by using a safety pin!



Step 4 – Time For The Skirt

Every Christmas tree has a skirt, which is why your DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater needs a skirt as well! Using a round object that is at least the width of your body (hint: hoola hoops work) place the object in the bottom of your sweater! To secure it, use either your safety pins or glue gun!


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Step 5 – Line The Base

Using your hot glue gun, wrap the remainder of your garland around the base until its secure!

All Finished!

What did you think of the DIY ugly Christmas tree sweater? Let us know in the comment section below!

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