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The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

A body scrub is a luxurious bath time essential that both rejuvenates the skin and is a way to completely relax your body. Body scrubs often look beautiful in appearance, and sometimes, their ingredients make for such a scrumptious scent that we just want to eat them up!

If you’re like us and absolutely love indulging on body scrubs, both bars, salts and and vigorous scrubs that leave your skin feeling smooth and silky, then you may be wondering if there are ways you could make your own without spending a fortune. So here’s a list of amazing DIY body scrubs you can make that we’re sorry, you may want to eat. 

1. Sugar Cookie Body Scrub

Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. Can you imagine hopping in the shower to lather yourself with a body scrub that smells just like a gorgeous golden brown sugar cookie? We can! With this DIY “sugar cookie” body scrub from Juggling Act Mama, you may easily find yourself wanting to eat this body scrub.

Made with coconut oil, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, a mix of granulated sugar and light brown sugar to give that gorgeous golden brown colour, we’re wondering if we even need to put this on in the shower! But to make this body scrub more body wash worthy, the creator of the recipe suggests a vanilla scented body wash to enhance that vanilla and sugar cookie scent. 

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

2. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Did somebody say Fall? Well you definitely will with this gorgeous pumpkin spice sugar body scrub! Pumpkin spice has a way of exciting all of our Fall tastebuds, and this DIY pumpkin spice body scrub from Kelly Leigh Creates is the perfect way to awaken your festive Fall spirit. 

Made with coconut oil, brown sugar or a sugar of your choice and pumpkin pie spice, this heavenly pumpkin spice body scrub is sure to have you craving all your favourite Fall festive snacks and foods. 

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

3. Orange Mint Sugar Scrub

Now heading in the fresher direction of body scrubs, why not try the citrusy combination of orange and mint? This orange and mint sugar body scrub from A Blissful Nest is the perfect way to ring in a summer’s day, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated perhaps when your skin is feeling greasy from the heat. 

This sugar scrub can be used on both the body and the face to gently exfoliate the skin and leave you with a smooth, silky texture. Made with coconut oil, sugar, a drop of vitamin e and a perfect mix of orange and peppermint essential oil, this is perfect for those hotter summer days. 

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

4. Lemon Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub 

Yes, lemon and poppy seed. The classic combination that we all absolutely adore in our muffins, but why limit this gorgeous combination to just cakes and muffins? This DIY lemon poppy seed sugar scrub from Sugar Spice and Glitter is the ultimate morning treat that will have you craving a lemon and poppy seed muffin as soon as you use it. 

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Made with sugar, coconut oil, almond or vitamin e oil, lemon juice, vanilla extract and of course poppy seeds, these ingredients help to soothe and nourish the skin while also giving the skin a restoring boost. 

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

5. Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub

We were waiting to reveal this truly gorgeous and tempting chocolate coconut body scrub that could easily be mistaken for chocolate brownie batter. Of course, you really shouldn’t eat the scrub, but it may tempt you enough! This DIY chocolate coconut sugar body scrub from How Sweet Eats looks good enough to eat and we’re sure you’ll want some chocolate brownies after using it!

Made with coconut oil, brown sugar, almond oil and cocoa powder, this sugar body scrub is an ideal gift for the holidays, or a treat to yourself during your bath and shower time. 

The DIY Body Scrubs That You May Actually Want To Eat

What’s your favourite combination in a body scrub? Let us know in the comments down below!

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