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The Different Types Of Players And How To Win Their Game

Players or nowadays called “f***boys” are pretty predictable in the ways they act and behave. Some players are more obvious, while others are subtle and smooth. In college, you definitely will meet a bunch of different players of all different kinds. Here is a straight-up analysis of some different types of players and also how to navigate their “games.”

1. The Typical Player

It will be pretty obvious that this guy is a player as he’s super flirty with every girl he meets and is your atypical douchebag of a man. He’s charming and definitely knows the right things to say to every girl he meets. People most likely refer to him as a player as well and he probably is either in a fraternity or was in a fraternity previously. How to deal with these guys you may ask? Resist his flirtatious charms and he’ll become even more attracted to winning you over.

2. The Mysterious, Bad Boy

Steer clear of these men at all costs because they will most likely break your heart. Every girl has most likely been attracted to a “bad boy.” You know the guy who drives a motorcycle, who your mom would hate, and has a troubled past. No matter what your inner critic says, you can’t help but swoon for him and wondering what resides under that dark, mysterious, silent facade. If you do decide to go for this guy, hit him back with the whole mysterious girl, quiet vibe. He’s used to girls trying to pry into his life, but if you do the opposite, he’s more likely to be drawn to you.

3. The “Nice Guy” Turned Ghoster

“You can trust me, I’m not like the other guys.” “I will treat you better than that other guy, I promise.” These are two common lines used by these type of players. They come off super nice and genuine. Even if you seem uninterested, they’ll pursue you until you start to reciprocate their feelings. Once you have feelings for him then BAM! He disappears into thin air. How to win his game? Ghost him first. Then he won’t know what to do with himself anymore. He’ll probably keep texting you for months after you ghost him too.

4. The Guy Who’s Actually Already In A Relationship

You start talking to a guy from a dating app and he’s super nice, but something seems sketchy. He’ll only contact you during certain times of the day and then others he’ll ignore you. These guys suck even more than any other player. He can literally tell other girls he’s single when the reality is he’s in a long-term relationship! My ex-boyfriend did this to other girls he met on Tinder when we were still together and living in the same apartment! It’s hard to catch these guys, but try to get clues from their social media accounts and the way they talk. If you do find out he’s already in a relationship, hit up his girlfriend and expose him for who he really is.

5. The player who just wants to have sex with as many women as possible.

This guy is only interested in one thing: sex. He’ll probably text you to meet at his apartment for drinks instead of somewhere else. You guys might talk for a while before meeting up and you think he seems genuine and he actually likes you. These players’ only game is to get as many women in their bed as possible. How to win their game? This one is trickier because he really doesn’t want any type of relationship with any woman besides sex. The only way to really win is by avoiding these guys and not giving them what they want.

6. The Serial Relationship Player

This guy just jumps from one serious relationship to the next without a break in between. He’s really good at making girls fall in love with him, making them get in a relationship with him for a while, and ultimately breaking their heart. The cycle will keep repeating itself because he just doesn’t know how to keep a relationship. If you meet one of these men, run. Or just try not to fall for his “nice guy” act and play hard to get.

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7. The Player Who “Isn’t Looking To Date Right Now”

These men are so afraid of commitment that they just end up stringing girls along for months, sometimes even years, just to still say that they “don’t want a relationship.” Imagine you all have been hooking up for two months and you finally want to initiate the “what are we” talk and he says “we’re just having fun, but I don’t want to date right now.” Finally a year later and you bring it up after hanging out every day, exclusively only seeing each other and he still says the same BS claim. The way to win their little game to basically getting everything out of a relationship except the actual label is to just cut everything off with him. He’s honestly not worth your time and if he really did like you and wanted a future with you, he would make it official.

8. The Midnight To 2 AM Caller

These players are so easy to spot except somehow they still have girls heartbroken over them. They’ll text you at 12 AM to come over to hang out. During the day he mysteriously disappears but somehow he reemerges during the late night. He’s not a vampire; he’s just a player. Every time you go to his house late at night, you’re just giving into his game. So next time say that you’re busy and then see how he reacts. He’ll either get upset or immediately text the next girl in his phone.

Sadly so many guys are players, especially in college when it seems like no guy is actually looking for a relationship at all. However, good guys do exist! You just have to be aware of plucking the players out of the bunch. It is possible to win over players, but why waste your time when good guys do actually exist? You may have to wait a while, but it will be worth it.

Have you met any of these players before? Let us know in the comments below!

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Caitlyn is a third-year student at UCLA. She is majoring in English. She enjoys writing, and going to hot yoga classes and, of course, binge-watching Netflix. At UCLA, Caitlyn is a feature writer for HER Campus, part of the American Cancer Society club, and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

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