The Difference Between Talent And Hard Work In College

Nowadays, it’s the fittest that does best in all types of situations. Who acts faster, who responds faster and even who thinks faster. Throughout history, people believed hard work was the key to success. Today, research has proven talent superior to hard work. In other words, talent is going to get you. Talent is more essential than hard work when it comes to achieving personal success. Talent is in innate. It makes the road to success easier and eventually you end up loving what you are talented at.

The fact someone is born with talent leaves a lot to be said about talent being superior to hard work. At around 10 years old people start to notice things you are great at. These talents tend to make you stand out. Your talent comes naturally. For talented people, they unconsciously discover what is easy for them to do. Recent study by David Z. Hambrick and Elizabeth Meinz demonstrated talented people surpass those who don’t have talent. For example, in a 6th-grade class there is always a kid who is really good at math and rarely studies. On the other hand, there are students who study for hours and can’t receive over a B. The same applies to every subject or physical activity. There is no doubt those born with talent and hard work perform better.

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Talent makes things sound more reasonable. The New York Times reported those with innate talents tend to do better in life than those who aren’t talented in a specific field. If one knows their talent, they can take advantage of it and apply their ability that specific field. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” If math is easier for you than others around you, become an engineer. If you apply your talent, you will be good at whatever field you choose. The road to success may come much easier.

Scientists and psychologists have concluded people are more likely to love something if they are good at it. It isn’t your fault you aren’t talented. The thing about being talented in a specific field depends on your genes. These genes have evolved over time to your environment. Unfortunately, it isn’t a fast process. It takes millions of years for a specific gene to develop beyond regular capability. One will feel passionately about their talent because it’s in their genes. There is logic to it. How can you not love something you are program instinctively to love?

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Talent is everywhere. There is always going to be somebody who is distinguished in a certain field. They may have an easier time achieving success. There is no doubt, it is essential to be a successful person. Have you discovered what your talent is?

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